Monday, May 12, 2014

How We Get Around

When Woody and I started telling people we were moving to Denver, and were planning to buy a house, many people would ask if we were going to get a dog. You know, when people get a house, or at least move out of the city and have a larger apartment, they get a dog. Well, we weren’t, and aren’t, getting a dog. What we have wanted to get since we started planning our move however, were bikes.

If you saw this post last fall, you know I hadn’t been on a bike in well over a decade until last year. But since we have just one car, which we want to use as little as possible, and Denver has a great trail system plus somewhat bike-friendly roads, why not take advantage of it? Just in time for the winter storm that hit on Sunday, we picked up the newest members of our family!

My new bike

I chose a hybrid because I’ll be using this for part of my commute on some days, to go to the farmers market and nearby restaurants and coffee shops and other fun times around town. I thought about a step-through cruiser, but decided on this one because it’s more versatile. Details are important so I picked out this water bottle holder specifically; it’s one of my favorite things about the bike. Nothing wrong with adding a little feminine touch.

Bird on bike

Thankfully we made it back to our house just before the rain started to come down. We’re are pretty certain our new bikes are going to change our lives tremendously, and I’m beyond thrilled about it!

Another form of transportation, at least exercise, for me, has been wearing down so I also did a little shoe shopping on Saturday. A girl can’t have too many bright pairs of shoes, right?

Brooks Ravenna 2

Brooks Ravenna

I’ve been wearing Brooks Ravenna for the past several years as my training/gym shoes. After dealing with so many stress fractures I found that these work well for me and I guess because I haven’t had a fracture in a foot since I started wearing them it’s best to stay faithful. These felt a bit different than they have in past years but not so much that I was going to risk trying something different. With the Bolder Boulder coming up in a few weeks I’ll stick with my Mizuno Wave Elixir’s for race day.

If you have a bike – what type do you have? Where’s your favorite place to go on it? Do you have any tips for a newbie? * Are you loyal to a specific type of running shoe? * Do you train and race in different types of shoes?

Hope all of you Mom’s had a great Mother’s Day!

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Lisa said...

That's quite a bike you have there. i love it! I love everything about it and it seems like it's perfect for you. Wish i had a bike here but I'm too afraid of getting doored or hit by a car :)

I also recently got a new pair of Brooks. I train and run in them. I should get an alternate pair so I don't wear them out as quickly…