Saturday, September 28, 2013

Run, Bike, Eat

Sounds like a great day, right? I thought so! Woody was golfing today with a friend from college who lives in the area and with only a few weeks left of the Cherry Creek Farmers Market before the end of the season, I wanted to get there. Plus it was a beautiful day, perfect to be outside!

I started the day with a run! It poured all day yesterday – which makes people a little nervous around here right now – but it was beautiful this morning! It was cold, but beautiful. I got to wear my Oiselle Lesley Knickers (they have magic sewn in them!) and my vintage Oiselle jacket because it was all of 39 degrees when we walked out the door. Brrr! Woody and I haven’t been running together often. He is faster than I am and likes to take a different route. Somehow though we tend to run into each other (no pun intended) at some point as we did today. I was nearing the end of my run, heading down Wynkoop towards 16th Street and I noticed Woody at the intersection! I yelled his name, thankfully he heard me, waited for me to catch up and we finished our runs together. I’m sure he had gone a bit farther than I had but I was really happy with my run this morning and felt good! I’m loving fall and wish it would last just a bit longer.

Cherry Creek Trail

After my run it was time to get going again. While Denver has a pretty good public transit system – especially for a mid-sized metropolitan area – with local and regional buses and a light rail system, it’s lacking in some respects. For instance, the 4.5 mile trip from our apartment to Cherry Creek would take about an hour via public transportation. Thankfully Woody and I went for a bike ride a few weeks ago so now I have an option for going places when he has the car.

I got there and back without any incidents although I was a bit nervous at times and my senses were on high alert. Thankfully I can take the busy and beautiful Cherry Creek Trail rather than the busy and hectic streets almost the whole way. Tonight I am definitely feeling a new sense of freedom and with growing confidence and experience on the bike I’ll have a new way to burn some calories!

Cherry Creek Farmers Market

True Food


Tomorrow I’m off to Longmont bright and early for Venus de Miles 2013: Rising Above! My goal for next year is to be one of the riders!

What have you been up to this weekend? * I am loving all the fall fruits & veggies at the market, which are your favorites? * What are your favorite things about fall?


Lisa said...

Fall is my favorite time of year to run! Love this weather right now!

Lisa said...

I ran 20 this weekend and then I can't tell you what else I did. Slept? Lounged around?

I love the honey crisp apples at the farmer's market....and the warm apple cider at the farmer's market. Comfort.