Monday, May 5, 2014

Settling In

The past two weeks have been nothing less than exhausting, but with most of the boxes unpacked we’re starting to settle in and settle down.

We’ve been learning where things are in our new neighborhood and our new kitchen; I’ve been getting used to my new commute – which now includes a short ride on the light rail – and we’ve been making previously unthinkable purchases like a grill and outdoor furniture! What I found to be a bit strange on our first few nights – living at street level and having cars go by our front window, and how quiet it is.

New House - Living Room

I finally had a chance Saturday night to cook a real meal. It wasn’t much – just a rice bowl – but it was delicious and hit the spot. It looks a bit messy here, but it was filled with goodness: a little brown rice, red pepper, chick peas, sweet potato, fresh asparagus from the farmers market(!), cruciferous blend and a few little dabs of roasted garlic hummus. Perfect.

Rice Bowl Dinner 2

Sunday morning we joined the Denver bRUNch group for a run in our neighborhood! Coincidentally, the restaurant for this week is right down the street a few blocks from our house and the route went through Wash Park.

Cafe Bar bRUNch

There were probably about 30 people who gathered for a 5 or 10K run and brunch at Café Bar. I had a fast run, we met some great people, and some really tasty food. Unfortunately our waiter was strangely unconcerned about taking our orders (or getting them right), even though the place was packed and we were taking up a good number of tables. But it was still a fantastic way to get the day going.

Cafe Bar bRUNch meal 2

This past week we also joined a new gym. Thankfully there’s one just down the street that’s really convenient. Not right across the street but within walking distance. Before we met the group for the run we did a little strength session at the gym.

The weekend ended with our first meal on our deck! I think we’ll be enjoying a lot of time out there.

Matt Grilling

Deck Dinner May 5

If you’ve been wondering what fruits & veggies are in season now – head over to Lean Girls Club – Grace has great tips for what you should be eating now!

What are your favorite Spring fruits & veggies? * What are you looking forward to this week?

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Lisa said...

I can't wait to visit your new home and jealous that you have a grill. If only NYC living could accommodate a grill. Maybe on my fire escape? :)

How exciting that you'll get to decorate, buy more furniture, paint….you're such a grown up!

My favorite fruits and veggies -- avocados, mangos, spinach, and kale. Not too exotic, but I love them.

Thank you for linking back to my post.


Lisa said...

I always wanted a little electric grill on a fire escape, but I'm not sure that would've worked too well!

Your list of fruits and veggies sounds like a perfect salad to me. Well, just add a little goat cheese. ;)

Can't wait for you to visit too!