Sunday, July 14, 2013

Getting Acquainted

After living in New York City for 9 years I knew the place pretty well. I’m learning my little neighborhood here in Denver and some other parts of the city, but it feels incredibly big and with a car we have access to so much more than what I felt we had in NYC, making it all somewhat intimidating. The opportunities seem endless and I’m not really sure where to start. Which means, we just have to get out there and see what we see and we’ll make our way around eventually. I’m not used to not knowing where I am and what’s out there, so a little exploration was in order this weekend.

We tried out a new gym – Colorado Athletic Club (it was pretty awesome)


People swimming in the Platte River, a short walk from our building!


Farmers Market in the Highlands, just a few minutes across the river



Yoga at Root Yoga – the studio hosting this event


We’ve learned it’s monsoon season in Colorado & a major storm went through the city Saturday evening. Let’s just say it was great entertainment if you love storms!


We took a drive into the mountains to check out a VW show at Evergreen Lake



Then we took a little walk through City Park before heading home.


End note: Have you heard about Project Little Wing yet? Read about it here!

What kept you busy this weekend? * What are your go-to office lunches during the summer – I’m looking for inspiration!

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Lisa said...

It looks like you're really exploring your new city and on a great adventure! The Puff's Preserves looks delicious!!!

I did so much this weekend: met a friend for yoga, Trader Joe's, checked out an apt, had another interview for my blog, hung out with another friend, cheered for another friend at the NYC Tri, church, ran errands for another friend's baby shower, hung out with was a friend-filled weekend, just minus one of my favorite friends Lisa!

My favorite lunch/meal right now is: baby spinach, tomatoes, avocado, and lox as a salad. Mmmm. No cooking required!