Friday, July 5, 2013

One Week In

A week ago today Woody and I finished our cross-country drive and arrived in Denver. The week has kind of gone like this:

  • Unpacked a truck full of all our worldly possessions.
  • Halfway set up our apartment.
  • Experienced the wonder that is Costco for the first time.
  • Drove to/from work during rush hour for the first time in 9+ years.
  • Started my new job and am learning how to use a Mac.
  • Quickly mastered the art of the RTD express bus between Denver and Boulder.
  • Started to get accustomed to running at altitude.
  • Have kind of gotten used to the insanely loud trains the go by our apartment building day and night.
  • Learned that key fobs are a popular thing out here.
  • Found a wine shop that’s owned by a guy from Chicago who stocks Vernors and Diet Vernors (a dream come true for a Midwesterner).
  • Realized how much I miss Trader Joe’s.
  • Made a green smoothie with a different type of Greek Yogurt and it just wasn’t the same.
  • Have forgotten about the time difference between me and my family/friends more times than I can count.
  • Watched two spectacular fireworks shows put on by the Rockies from our balcony, along with at least 20 other shows we could see in the distance around Denver (they really love fireworks out here!).
  • Had our first guests over – my Aunt and Uncle – to watch the fireworks after an amazing 4th of July dinner at their place.

I’m sure I forgot something but this just about covers it. Woody is off golfing today so I’m going to head out an explore the city a bit. I am beyond grateful to have this long weekend to get settled in.

Hope you all enjoyed the 4th and are having a great holiday weekend!


View from my office in Boulder




On the run


Green Smoothie, eh.


Yoga on the River? YES PLEASE!



Spectacular fireworks

Are you running a race this weekend? * How are you spending your holiday weekend? * What is your favorite 4th of July tradition?


Lisa said...

Good news - Trader Joes is opening a location in Boulder and in Denver by the end of the year. :) The Denver location is near me, so I stalk it regularly.

Ha ha! I guess we like our fireworks? I always imagined them to be bigger elsewhere, but glad to hear we do it well.

I hope you enjoy your continued explorations around the city, and all of our sunshine!

Lisa said...

Hey Lisa! Long time :) So you've moved to Denver, eh?? I have a really good friend who lives there (actually 2 good friends!). What a beautiful place to live. Absolutely gorgeous.
Glad you had a nice Fourth of July!

Lisa said...

There are lots of things that aren't NYC, but I'm sure you'll soon discover things about Denver that NYC doesn't on the river being one of them. Can't wait to try that with you!

Lisa said...

I'm moving to Colorado from California in a couple weeks, I'm so nervous/scared/excited/anxious/depressed! I will definitely miss Trader Joe's, which is where I've been doing my weekly shopping for years. I'm glad to see they are opening one in Boulder since I will be living and working in Broomfield.

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