Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Weekend in Georgia

Last weekend I flew off to Georgia for a girls getaway in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The four of us came together to celebrating the Lauren’s upcoming wedding – she’s marrying my brother-in-law in the Spring! We spent three days whitewater rafting, apple picking, hiking, finding our way through a corn maze, oogling over massive pumpkins and eating cheese and drinking wine. While it was still a bit warm and most of the leaves on the trees were still green, it was a great weekend and I highly recommend a visit to this region as soon as you can get yourself there! Thanks to Lauren and her gracious parents, we had a beautiful place to stay that was the perfect home base for the weekend!

A few highlights from the trip…

Endless View

Wildwater Rafting-Proof

post whitewater rafting

We survived the Ocoee River! (Me, Jennifer, our guide Acacia, Lauren & Jessica). Our guide is a real survivor woman! She spends the winter in Juno, Alaska teaching wilderness survival courses at the university!

Apple Tree

Picking Apples at Mercier Orchards

Mercier Orchards

Apple picking at Mercier Orchards

Amicalola State Park

Amicalola State Park - Georgia

Amicalola Falls State Park

Corn Maze

Finding our way through the corn maze

Pumpkins at Burt's Farm

Lauren and the massive pumpkins at Burt’s Farm

Fun Day

What are your favorite Fall traditions?


Lisa said...

Wow, that rafting trip looked like fun! Those pumpkins are HUGE! I love fall. My favorite fall traditions are pumpkin spice lattes, increased social acceptance of eating candy corn for lunch, and playing board games with my family on Thanksgiving :)

Lisa said...

I love all things apple cider and cinnamon. Not really a tradition, but I love that I get to wear cute sweaters in the fall :)