Thursday, October 18, 2012

I Once Got a Pair of Shoes

So, you might remember a few months ago Mizuno USA was taking over the blog world and twitter feeds of runners around the country. The sports apparel and shoe company developed this program called The Mezamashii Project. I’m sure most of you know what this is, but for those of you you don’t, the invite which I received one awesome day says, this…

In Japanese, the word mezamashii means “brilliant.”

We are on a quest to deliver more mezamashii – more ecstatic, electric, wind-in-your heart running. More brilliant running.

So instead of spending millions of dollars on advertising to talk about our shoes, we’re putting our money where your feet are – by giving you a free pair.


To say I was elated to get this in the mail is an understatement. A free pair of running shoes? And I get to pick it out!?! Seriously awesome.

I’m quite picky about my shoes, though – running and non-running – because of all the time I spend on my feet but mostly because of the numerous stress fractures I’ve incurred over the past few years in my feet and legs. Wearing the right shoes is incredibly important. It took a bit of research and a trip to a running store before I made the call and ordered my shoes. But eventually I chose the Wave Elixir 7



Before these even arrived they were designated “running only shoes.” While I’m well aware that runners should always have a pair that is for running only and use other pairs of shoes for the gym or walking around town, but my wallet just doesn’t let me purchase two pairs of shoes over $100 at the same time. I’ve been very good at sticking to this and only wearing these shoes when running. To the point where I made sacrifices in my suitcase to take both pairs of running shoes on vacation to Northern Michigan in July.

So what do I think of these shoes? I’ve never worn Mizuno before so I had no idea what to expect. They are very different from the Brooks Ravenna I’m used too, but that’s one thing I love about them. While they fall under Mizuno’s support line of shoes, they are only 7.7oz with a stack height of 27mm for the heel and 15mm for the forefoot. Compare this to 9.5oz for the Brooks Ravenna with a stack height of 30mm for the heel and 21mm for the forefoot. I can definitely feel the road a lot more intimately with the Elixir than the Ravenna. The toe box is comfortable and overall the shoe fits snuggly. The upper is pretty thin and mesh (not sure if that’s the technical name) so if it’s raining, your foot is gonna get wet pretty quickly.

I thought I was getting a different color than what came, and I’ve never had shoes that are so, well, bright, but I actually love them! I feel fast and strong when I put them on. I feel like a runner. This feeling could also be attributed to the fact that I only wear them when I run, but I also think it’s because they look fast and they feel fast. While I still love my Ravenna’s and wear them for all my gym workouts, I do love the Mizuno Elixir 7.

Check out the Mezamashii Project HERE, if for no other reason than to see the really cool website they built!

[Bloggers note: I received these shoes free of charge from Mizuno USA in exchange for giving them a try. This review is completely my own; I was not paid for this post.]

  • Did you participate in the Mezamashii Project? What shoes did you try & what did you think?
  • Do you have a designated pair of running-only shoes?
  • Are you loyal to a brand/model of running shoe?


Today’s workout -

I got a flu shot yesterday and my shoulder still hurts almost 24hrs later – I opted to not do any arm exercises today

  • 35min elliptical
  • ab exercises
  • 3x10 bridges
  • 3x10 hip abductors
  • leg exercises
  • stretching
  • foam roller

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Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

The people in Marketing at Mizuno are very smart. I've never run in Mizuno until I got this invitation. On Sunday, I'll be running a marathon in them. They are now on my list of brands to buy and because I mostly wear Saucony, I'm glad to have another option. Love Mizuno now!