Monday, April 9, 2012

Running Circles and the Easter Parade

How was your weekend? Did you race? I didn’t, but I heard that about 11,000 people ran the Scotland Run in Central Park on Saturday! I love that race, probably because you’re bound to see men in kilts and that’s just awesome. The weather was absolutely beautiful Saturday morning, so I’m sure it was a great time! I did go for a bit of a run here in my neighborhood, and that was pretty great. I’m definitely feeling stronger and more confident each time I run! My workout at the gym yesterday was one of my best in a very long time. Things just seem to be clicking. So far I’ve just been running for time, taking whatever turns I feel like taking and not straying too far since I finish at the gym for the rest of my workout. I told Woody though I think I’m going to finally break out the Garmin he bought me for Christmas and keep running for time, but start checking my distance.

[If you’re wondering why it’s taking me half a year to come back from a stress fracture, the short story is this: after being diagnosed with osteopenia (low bone density, but not quite low enough to be classified as osteoporosis) I’ve suffered several stress fractures in the past few years, two just last year alone. At the insistence of Sports Doc, family, and my own conscious, I won’t be setting my sights on any long distance races for quite a while and I’ve been on a very long and slow road to recovery.]

Next Sunday is the MORE/Fitness Half Marathon. If you’re not familiar with this race, it’s like the Mini 10K in that it’s a women’s only race and it’s held annually in Central Park. Unlike the Mini 10K, this race is a little more than two laps around the park. I ran my first half marathon on nearly the same course, and I am always in awe of anyone who does this because it means a lot of time spent running hills! I’m hoping to get out there and cheer so let me know if you’re running. I know Molly will be out there!

Okay, so yesterday Woody and I went to check out the 5th Avenue Easter Bonnet Parade. This has been an annual tradition for more than 100 years and even though I’ve lived here for 8 of those years now I’ve never checked out this amazing spectacle! I mean, this is not really a parade. The city closes 5th Ave from 47th to 57th streets and people just roam about wearing anything from gigantic elaborate hats to baseball caps with peeps glued to them. It definitely brought out some interesting people but really, most of the people were there for the same reason we were, to see the hats! One woman’s hat was so huge she had a guy with her helping to hold it up and another apparently thought carrots would make for a nice hat! There are definitely some creative people around!









  • What was the highlight of your weekend?
  • If you designed an Easter bonnet, what would it look like?
  • Are you running the MORE/Fitness Half Marathon or the Boston Marathon?
  • What is one of your goals for the week?


Today’s workout -

  • 40min elliptical
  • 2x15 (ea. side) cable side twists
  • 2x15 upright row
  • 2x15 lateral arm raise
  • 3x10 squats
  • 1x50sec plank
  • 100 ab exercises
  • stretching


Josie @ said...

I've never seen the parade (not really a parade fan) but those hats look cool- I like the carrot one!

Good luck with the garmin- it takes a little while to get used to.

My goal this week is up my mileage and stop slacking!

Melissa Keller said...

OMG, I love the photos from the parade! How fun!

Suzanne Westenhofer said...

What a neat parade!

BarbCHansen said...

There's actually a record/song from the 50's that goes " In your Easter Bonnet with all the flowers on it.... On 5th Avenue.." That was a HUGE hit when I was young.
Love the creativity and time put into these.Thanks for sharing.

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