Friday, April 13, 2012

Five for Friday

It’s Friday! Woot! Who else is super excited for the weekend?

  1. Saturday afternoon Woody and I are going to the Local Food & Travel Show at One Hanson Place in Brooklyn (the Brooklyn Flea has moved outdoors for the season). Word has it the event will feature green getaways and day trips from Manhattan, local food and wine sampling, travel workshops and food demos. Plus, a ton of raffle prizes! Sounds like a good way to spend the afternoon. If you’re interested, check out the website HERE.
  2. I have a new favorite thing. I hate taking medications so I try to take as few medicines and supplements as possible, but a while ago I was introduced to a really interesting product: B-Chillin. I know the name is slightly suspect, but stay with me here. This is meant to be used when you’re feeling really stressed out and overwhelmed. The all natural formula combines L-Theanine, Holy Basil, GABA and other nutrients to reduce the effects of stress on the body and mind. I was drawn to this product specifically because of the claim to reduce cortisol levels as I’ve had high cortisol for years due to Cushing’s Disease. Since I wasn’t sure how it would affect me, I first just took it at night before bed hoping it would help me calm my mind enough to fall asleep. Well, turns out it’s awesome. After taking B-Chillin, I can sleep soundly through the night and wake up ready to go at 5am! I’ve also been taking it at work lately because it’s been really crazy and stressful (PR was recently named one of the most stressful professions) and it has helped me keep focused. Anyway, it’s my new favorite thing and I recommend you check it out. Woody has been taking Rest-Fully and OmegaMends and likes them too. (Full disclosure: my uncle works at the Amrion Nutraceuticals, the company that makes these products He has no idea I’m writing this.)
  3. Since I went to the nutritionist a few weeks ago I’ve been sticking with pretty much the same lunch every single day. A quinoa bowl of well, quinoa, veggies, beans, hummus and a hard boiled egg. I like it because it’s pretty easy to put together the night before and couldn’t be any easier to prepare at work. But, it’s getting a bit boring. Do you take your lunch to work? What are your favorites?WP_000552 
  4. The water will be shut off next Tuesday in the building my office is located in. No water, all day. How weird is that, right? Well, this means we’re all working from home for the day. While I usually don’t like working from home because we don’t have a good home office space being that we only have two rooms to our entire apartment, I am looking forward to Tuesday because I’ve been spending way too many hours at the office lately (like 12 hours yesterday). No commute makes it a perfect day for an extra long workout!
  5. We bought our plane tickets to Traverse City for our summer vacation! Woody and I are both beyond excited for this trip as we haven’t been to the cottage since 2010 and a week on a lake in the middle of nowhere is exactly what we need this year! He’s already starting to plan where he’s going to golf, we set a goal two years ago to hike the entire Dune Climb out to Lake Michigan and back, and we’re planning a few day trips. But we’re also planning to spend at least a couple days without leaving the cottage, because we need some relaxing time! Whenever we see one of the Pure Michigan commercials on TV, we get a little more excited knowing we’ll be there in a few months! The cottage is our “perfect spot”

 Good luck to everyone racing this weekend and on Monday! Have fun out there!!

  • What’s on tap for your weekend?
  • Are you running Boston? Or another race this weekend?
  • If you take your lunch to work what’s your go-to meal?
  • Do you like to work from home or do you get distracted easily like me?
  • Are you already planning your summer vacation?


Today’s workout -

  • None. Rest day.

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Melissa Keller said...

Thanks for the rec on the supplements. I hate taking medication too. I am willing to try anything. Not happy that I am in Dr limbo right now :-(

Have fun at the festival, sounds like a ton of fun!