Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Glancing Back, Moving Forward

Wow. It was really hard getting up at 5am this morning after sleeping in for five days straight. Coffee is definitely in order! I got to sleep in so much because my sister was here for four days and left yesterday morning. Even though the weather Saturday and Sunday was better suited for curling up with a cup of tea and a good book or movie, we still managed to see and do quite a bit. It’s been a while since she’s been here so it was fun to show her around our neighborhood. It was also nice to have her on my side in a discussion about PB BLTs and grilled cheese with jam. Woody just doesn’t get it.

Friday morning we went to Yoga to the People for a class. The place was pretty packed and I was pretty nervous. Aside from the class I took in Michigan while visiting home in February I haven’t been to a yoga class in nearly half a year! With that, and the fact that I woke up Thursday morning sicker than sick, I was thrilled when class turned out to be really great! I’m no yogi, but I do think I did pretty well and I’m definitely encouraged by it!

I didn’t have a chance to run this weekend, but I’m looking forward to getting out there real soon. I think about all the ‘come backs’ I’ve made and it seems each time I say “this time things will be different. I’m sure of it” or some iteration of that. I keep thinking that this recovery will do the trick. This one will make me stronger and keep me from getting injured again. But the truth is, that’s kind of a stupid thing for me to say and think. Life is crazy and doesn’t always work out how we want it to; we can’t control everything, even if we want to. So this time I’m not going to say any of these things. I’m listening to my doctor, taking my time and building strength, which is all I can really control.

Now I’m looking forward. I’m putting the stress fracture behind me and focusing on the future. I would love to run the Mini10K in June but I don’t think that’s in the cards for me this year. To be honest, I’m a little bit nervous about the Central Park hills. So right now I’m going to focus on a shorter race, the American Heart Association Wall Street Run in May! I’m excited about this particular race because not only is it a rare mid-week race, but it’s also right in my neighborhood! It’s a NYRR race that I haven’t actually done. I’ve heard a few cautionary tales about this: the streets are narrow, there are tons of people, it’s impossible to ‘race.’ Even with all that, I’m okay with it. I’m used to dodging tourists down here, runners can’t be much different! The race sounds like fun to me and a great way to get back into the game! Things are good and I’m looking forward to what’s ahead.

  • What race are you looking forward to this Spring?
  • Have you ever tried peanut butter on a BLT?


Today’s workout -

  • 38min elliptical
  • 2x15 (ea side) cable side twists
  • 2x12 squats
  • 2x15 lateral arm raise
  • 2x15 upright row
  • 100 ab exercises
  • stretching

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Mesbaker said...

that's so funny about the peanut butter BLT! My husband likes to make waffles, and top them with bacon and peanut butter! The Wall Street run sounds perfect! Hope this is a great comeback for you : ) I'll be in town next week for the More/Fitness Half!