Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Recipe You Really Should Try

I tried this recipe almost a month ago now and have been meaning to share it with you. It’s pretty healthy, pretty easy to make, and super delicious. Three things that make for a perfect recipe! I highly recommend you give it a try as soon as possible! I wish I had a batch right now, it would be perfect for the crazy warm weather we’re having today!

This is from FitSugar and while it’s under the ‘raw’ and ‘vegan’ categories, my version isn’t raw (dry roasted almonds) or vegan (honey instead of agave nectar). Neither Woody nor I follow a raw or vegan diet, so this didn’t bother me, but it can be made to fit either category if that’s something you want.

Fudge ‘Brownies’

Base Layer Ingredients:

  1. 1cup mixed raw nuts (almonds & walnuts)
  2. 1cup pitted medjool dates
  3. 1/4cup cocoa
  4. 1tbs ground flax seed (I added this)
  5. (optional and untested) 1tbs water

Top Layer Ingredients:

  1. 2 ripe bananas
  2. 4tbs almond butter
  3. 4tbs honey
  4. 1/2cup cocoa

Step 1: Combine base layer ingredients in mixer until fully blended.


Step 2: Press mixture evenly into a square glass baking dish.


Step 3: Mix top layer ingredients in the mixer and blend till the texture is smooth (this won’t take long).


Step 4: Pour mixture over base layer and spread evenly. Cover with foil and put in freezer for at least 1 hour to set.


Step 5: Enjoy!!! Since this isn’t baked it does get a little gooey and it’s not idea for transporting. Enjoy quickly after cutting and serving. But really, how could you wait long to dig into this?!


Notes: We found the base layer to be very crumbly, so I think by moistening this with a little bit of water will help keep it together. I haven’t tried this yet though, so I don’t know how it’ll turn out! The banana flavor was a little over powering in the top layer, but I didn’t quite use the full amount of honey recommended in the recipe, which may have played a part in that, and probably adding a smidgen more cocoa would probably do the trick as well.

Go HERE for the original recipe.

I made this the Sunday before Valentine’s Day and we actually had it as our dessert on Valentine’s Day after our trip to Top of the Rock! It does keep well for a few days in the freezer, but it’s so good it’ll probably be gone quickly anyway! Both Woody and I really liked this and I’ll definitely make it again. I mean, it’s chocolatey, nutty and healthy. How can we not love it?!

  • Do you have a favorite raw treat?
  • How’s your week going?


Today’s workout -

  • 35min elliptical
  • 10min bike
  • 2x15 seated row
  • 2x10 wood chops (ea. side)
  • 100 ab exercises
  • 1x55sec plank
  • stretching


Teamarcia said...

I will definitely try these!

Melissa Keller said...

looks awesome, I am going to put on my list of things to try!