Thursday, January 12, 2012

Using Pinterest to Achieve Health & Fitness Goals

It seems like there are about a billion different social media platforms already and I’m sure we’ll see a lot more pop up this year. It can get a little overwhelming and annoying but one that I’ve started to explore lately has been Pinterest. While it’s still technically ‘invite only’ it’s not very exclusive because it’s now broken the top 10 of social media platforms. Pinterest can definitely absorb a ton of time, like all the other digital distractions, but I have found some pretty interesting stuff on the site related to health and fitness, and a lot of other topics too.

If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, it is basically an online inspiration board or notebook. The co-founders developed the platform as a way to create online collections. I had resisted checking it out for months because I didn’t feel I had time to devote to another platform, but when I read THIS article from Businessweek that I was inspired to check it out.

While there are 32 categories (a few of which are pretty broad), you can find workout tips, cute clothes to lust after, beautiful places (and great races) to run, healthy recipes, and inspiring quotes and images. You can also start up conversations with other pinners through posting comments on pinned images. Some of what you’ll find might be a bit questionable, but let’s face it, that happens everywhere now and there is a lot of good stuff to be found on the site too. When you have time, it can be a fun and inspiring place to spend a few minutes!

A few of my boards…

Pinterest - Fitness

pinterest - running

Pinterest - Food

Like I mentioned earlier, you’ll definitely find the need to wade through some junk, but there are great ideas and lots of motivation. And you don’t have to join to browse.

THIS article, posted on Mashable recently, gives some great tips for using Pinterest!

  • Are you a Pinner?
  • Are you sick of social media?

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I’m off to Minneapolis this afternoon and will hopefully get to see my sister and my cute little nephew and niece! Then off to Charleston this weekend! Let me know if you have any suggestions for while we’re in SC.


Yesterday’s workout -

  • 2x40sec plank
  • 40min stationary bike
  • stretching
  • 100 ab exercises

Today’s workout -

  • 2x15 cable ab twists (ea side)
  • 2x1min rope pull down
  • 2x45sec rope pull ups
  • 1x40sec plank
  • 2x15 back extensions
  • 30min stationary bike
  • stretching


BarbCHansen said...

I just heard about this site at Weight Watchers' last evening. Sounds like one of thosde sites that keeps me up too late at night ,but interesting(no pun intended).
Three years ago yesterday, you returned home after your surgery. You were and continue to be so brave and steadfast in your goal to be healthy. I am so thankful every day you are with us.Love you to the Moon and back.

melissa said...

im not a pinner and I am trying not to look. Some of my friends are letting it consume their lives!

The kind of things you are pinning aren't the same ones they are, lol.