Monday, January 9, 2012

Mission for the Week: Stay on Track

This is going to be a crazy week for me. I am going on a business trip at the end of the week, leaving Thursday afternoon and returning very late Friday night, which means likely several late nights this week to prepare. Friday is Woody’s Birthday. I’m going to miss his birthday. I feel pretty horrible about it. But being the great guy he is, he totally understands that I couldn’t say no to this trip.

Thankfully too, we’ve been planning to celebrate his birthday all weekend long with a trip to Charleston for the long MLK Jr. holiday weekend! We bid on a package on back in November thinking it would be a great way to celebrate his Birthday and I’m sure it will be! Thank goodness we decided to fly down Saturday morning instead of Friday night, although I might as well spend the night at the airport Friday night since I’ll only have about 7 hours between landing and when we have to be back there to fly to South Carolina! Yikes. At least I’ll be racking up a lot of frequent flier miles!


I’m really excited about our trip but I don’t see much rest in my future over the next two weeks. Well, I do expect to rest for at least one hour while we’re in Charleston because our package comes with a spa credit and we plan on using it for a couples massage! That’ll be nice. The hotel is gorgeous, beyond what we could have done on our own, and I can’t wait to take advantage of the amenities, including a gym.

We’re going to see Woody’s friend from school, his wife and daughter, who live in South Carolina while we’re there, and I’m hoping to meet Alyssa, a fellow Oiselle runner, who will be in town for a race! I love seeing people we know well (or not so well yet, in some cases) when we are in a new city. It makes me feel a little less like a tourist and a little more connected!

Amidst this crazy schedule I have to make sure to eat well and make time to work out. If I don’t, I won’t have enough energy to get through the weeks feeling good, alert and strong. I won’t be on top of my game. Over the weekend I prepared food for my lunches and planned some fairly healthy dinners for the week. I’m also going to make sure and get to the gym each day while I’m in town and take advantage of the gym at the hotel in Charleston. Maybe even the swimming pool! Who knows. I might just go a little crazy!

Since I’ll be traveling with four other colleagues on Thursday, I won’t be able to dictate where we eat, so I’m going to be sure and take some healthy snacks with me, like an apple, some larabars and a small bag of nuts and raisins. I’m hoping they don’t want to eat at a sub shop or something since I don’t eat Gluten, but I’ll have a few things in tow just in case I need to supplement a meager salad. South Carolina is also home to some good BBQ, so while I plan to enjoy local specialties, I’ll also be careful not to indulge! On this trip, Woody and I can stop at markets to pick up some healthy snacks like fruit, and maybe some prepared veggies and yogurt. I’m going to adopt the Boy Scouts motto for the week: Always be prepared!

  • How do you prioritize when you’re normal schedule gets turned on its head?
  • What are your favorite snacks for traveling?


Friday’s workout -

None. Rest day.

Saturday’s workout -

  • 10min rowing machine
  • 3x10 cable side twists (ea. side)
  • 3x14 squat row
  • 2x1min30sec rope pull-down
  • 3x45sec rope pull-ups
  • PT balancing exercises
  • 2x15 bridges
  • 28min elliptical
  • 2x40sec plank
  • 100 ab exercises
  • stretching

Sunday’s workout -

  • 15min stationary bike
  • 2x17 weighted side bends (ea. side)
  • 2x15 lateral arm raise
  • 1x60 forward arm circles
  • 1x60 backward arm circles
  • 25min elliptical
  • 3x8 wood chop w/ medicine ball (ea. side)
  • 100 ab exercises
  • stretching

Today’s workout -

  • PT balancing exercises
  • 2x40 sec planks
  • 2x15 back extension
  • 10min rowing machine
  • 30min elliptical
  • stretching


Sarah said...

Favorite snacks: mm bananas to go into oatmeal at the airport and then I carry around luna bars or larabars with me. Good luck staying on track!

Melissa said...

I travel with emergency snacks almost always. Poor planning has bitten me in the butt before. I have learned to really speak up when it comes food choices, because some of my coworkers aren't considerate at all. Plus when I travel for work, I want to eat food that is at least as good as what I would have cooked at home, if not better. No fast food unless there are no choices.

When my weeks are crazy like this week, I prioritize my workouts and food around the hectic schedule. I have found that making me a priority always ends better

Have fun on your trip!

J (Morning Runner) said...

I honestly hate traveling just because I always eat badly. But you got to do what you have to do. Traveling with snacks is a great idea!

BarbCHansen said...

Say hello to MSP and maybe your sister , nephew and neice for us !
I LOVE Charleston. Want to go back and explore more some time.
Have great trips !

RunToTheFinish said...

i requested a hotel room this week with a fridge, so I could pick up some fruits and luckily salads from a Trader joe's nearby. I try to do things like this to help with my food choices on the road!

hope you enjoy your travels!!