Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sometimes A Run Can Surprise You

I woke up this morning with stiff and aching muscles still from my 12 miler on Sunday. It was cold and dark outside. I was not all that enthusiastic about this run. Truthfully, my first instinct was to stay under the covers and go back to sleep. When I trained for the marathon I hit a point where I was on the edge of being burned out. It might not happen for everyone, but I found that following a training plan week after week and really got to be exhausting. I just wanted to wake up and do what I wanted to do – be it a run or the elliptical a class or just sleep in. I did get over that bump then and at first when I woke up this morning I felt that burn out coming on now that I’m in my 9th week of training. BUT, I reminded myself that I only have one more week after this one and I only had 3 miles to do so I got up and got ready!

Today was the first time this season I wore capri pants and a long sleeve top for my run. It was only 50 degrees and the sun wouldn’t be up before I finished so I decided to go with it. Thankfully I did because it was pretty windy out there.

Right from the start my legs felt pretty fresh and I was feeling much better than I had expected. I cruised along and before I knew it I was done! After running 12 miles two days ago, 3 miles is nothing. It’s funny how that happens, right?

This is big news for me, probably not for most of you, but yesterday it was announced that the Michigan State/U of M football game that we are going to the day before the Detroit Half Marathon is going to start at NOON!! This was the best possibility and I’m SO unbelievably relieved it isn’t a night game or even a 3:30pm start. This means we’ll get to the hotel in Detroit at a fairly reasonable time and I’ll be able to get to sleep before midnight! I had such a huge feeling of relief when I read it on twitter!

Okay, pumpkin banana oatmeal time! Have a great day!

Photo_5ED72AC3-D750-696E-8323-A3CDC52A1826 (1)

  • Do you sometimes have to push yourself to get out there for a run, only to have a great one?
  • Are you a pumpkin person or not?


Today’s workout -

  • 3 mile run
  • ab exercises
  • stretching


Susan said...

That's awesome about your run... I love it when it all just clicks.

And good news about the game.... that is an important thing. I totally understand!

Stephanie Anne said...

pumpkin banana oatmeal, YUM! Whats the recipe??

Elle said...

Nice going on the 3 miles. Good that your Detroit plans are falling nicely into place.

Pumpkin anything. YES!

Mel said...

I had one of those runs this week too. It's exactly what I needed!

I am a total pumpkin person!

Rach @ Girl on the Run said...

Great run - and so exciting about the game start time!

I am also feeling a little burned out from marathon training....I'm glad I'm not the only who feels/has felt that way at some point