Monday, October 3, 2011

Detroit Half Marathon Training Recap: Week 8

Only two weeks till the Detroit Half Marathon!!!

detroit half wk 8

Monday -

After the 10 mile run last Sunday I took a rest day on Monday. I did do about 15minutes of stretching on my yoga mat when I first woke up to get my muscles moving and flexible for the day.

Tuesday -

3 mile run. I took a new route that basically hits all the hills downtown, one twice. I need to do some hills and while these aren’t big ones, it’s the best I can do down here. It was a pretty warm and humid morning. There had been a chance of rain but I missed it.

Wednesday -

Cross training day. Went to the gym and spent about 40 minutes on the stationary bike and did a bit of strength training. Even though I know it’s not good, as I run more, I strength train less. Once the race is over, I definitely need to pick it up when it comes to strength training.

Thursday -

6 miles on tap. I did the same route I had done the week before, which I really like. Again, really warm and humid, but it didn’t rain. I almost wish that it had rained a little, because there’s always a chance it could rain on race day and it would be good to get that practice in.

Friday -

It had been a long week at work and knowing what was ahead, I took my usual Friday rest day with stretching.

Saturday -

Easy three mile run. It was a bit cloudy but didn’t rain. We had an apartment guest this weekend so I was glad this run was on the short side so I could get back and go to brunch with her.

Sunday -

Longest run of the training cycle – 12 miles! I mapped out a route that was similar to my 10 miler last weekend but ended closer to home. Absolutely gorgeous morning. Only 51degrees when I started out and not much warmer at the end. I wore my new Oiselle arm warmers, which were absolutely perfect. My pace was all over the place but my legs felt pretty strong until the last mile. I finished my run near the Staten Island Ferry so I could walk back home and stretch out. I’d been really worried about the stomach cramps coming back, especially with our apartment guest in town, so for the 24 hrs before my run I drastically cut back on the amount of fiber I ate and cut out dairy completely. I also had a cup of mint tea Saturday night and one before my run, several after too. Seems to have done the trick!! Now I just have to figure out how to make it work when we’re in Michigan spending the afternoon at the MSU football game and then driving to Detroit and staying at a hotel. Hmmmm.


So, I’m feeling pretty good about things. My long run next weekend is only 9 miles then it’s just a matter of days until the race. Crossing my fingers that nothing crazy happens between now and then. This is when I really start to get nervous that I’ll get hurt walking down the street or something random like that (but so like me).

  • What was the best part of your weekend?
    • Having a family friend stay with us, getting to catch up and show her a part of the city she’s never seen. Oh, and finishing my 12 miles!!
  • What’s one trait of runners (or some runners) that annoys you?
    • When runners discard their empty gels by dropping them on the sidewalk or leaving them on the drinking fountain. Really not cool.
  • Apple cider – hot or cold?
    • Love it both ways – depends on my mood!


Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

looks like you are doing great with training!!!

my most annoying thing is people who don't share the sidewalk

Joanna said...

Hey, good luck running Detroit! Detroit was my first marathon and holds a really special place in my heart. I wish I could be there this year! Run a mile for me?