Tuesday, September 27, 2011

NYRR 5th Ave Mile Race Recap

I mentioned yesterday I had never run a 1mile race before. This is a race I’ve wanted to run for years, I’ve heard great things about it, but for one reason or another I’ve never done it. When I chose the training plan I’m following for the Detroit Half I was happy that the long runs are on Sunday so I could run this race.
This race is really unique in that, not only is it just a mile, it also runs south on 5th Avenue from 79th to 59th and the race is held in heats by age and gender. It started with boys and girls ages 8-14 running together, then women 15-29, men 15-29, women 30-39, men 30-39 and so on. There were 15 minutes between each heat and about two minutes after one heat went off, the next one started lining up. Cops lead the way for each heat.
cops leading the wayLike usual, NYRR had everything working like a well oiled machine. The bag check was incredible. each heat had it’s own school bus. You just dropped your bag off and about 5 minutes before each heat started, the bus drove down to the end and all the bags were unloaded and you could pick yours up right outside the chute. Seriously, so easy it was ridiculous.
The one thing I didn’t like too much about it was that we lined up 13 minutes before the race time – all packed into a small area, no room to move around and stretch, but just enough room to get really, really un-proportionately nervous about a 1 mile race!
The race started and it took me a few seconds to maneuver my way to the start. I eased into a spot in the middle of the road. I know these streets, they all round towards the gutters and the middle is the only place you’ll get a somewhat level surface. It was a pretty tight field for the first few hundred yards, and then lightened up a little, but not like a typical race. Thankfully NYRR had signage each quarter mile along with a timer. I didn’t pay attention to the timer but it was nice to be able to pace myself knowing exactly where I was in the distance. I knew when there were four blocks left and really pushed the pace. The timer read 8:02 when I crossed the finish line, so I was thrilled to know I had come in just under that!
I walked through the chute, made my way to grab an apple and water from the volunteers (thank you) and was absolutely amazed by how sweaty we all got in just one mile!! It was gross.
Overall, I’m really happy with this race. At my best, I could have gone faster, but at this moment in time, I did a great job! Since I’m training for a half, I never actually trained for this particular race and I’ve heard stories of people pushing it so hard down that mile that they end up injured. That, I definitely did not want to do! Hey, automatic PR, right?!
Grace was in the heat before mine so we met up for brunch afterwards. Had to stop for a photo op with the finish line in the background. Like my new Oiselle team singlet?! (don’t be alarmed, bib numbers for this race were apparently assigned alphabetically, not by pace like usual!)
post race with Grace
What’s your favorite race distance? How do you calm pre-race nerves?
Today’s workout -
  • 3mile run
  • 2x15 hammer curls
  • 2x16 lateral arm raise
  • ab exercises
  • 2x15 squats
  • stretching


Molly said...

how fun!! I've never done a one mile race before : )

okay, I have a Marathon course question for you...I know the last six miles is around the park, and it's hilly, but how hilly is it???

Morgan said...

Awesome! You rocked it chica!!!

Tricia said...


misszippy said...

it would be hard to go out fast for a mile after standing around in the corral like that! Yikes. Congrats on your first one-mile race!

Stephanie said...

I ran my first mile race in August when I was back in Canada. I had no idea how to run it and it was over before I knew it, but its a fun thing to do every so often!