Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Larabar Strikes Again

Really, how do they keep coming up with great recipes? It seems like they just keep pumping out new flavors.

Last week, on a particularly crazy and stressful day, I received a fantastic surprise package in the mail! A little box filled with delicious goodness.


Larabar had sent me a few bars of their new flavor – Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte. I love chocolate and I love cherries, so I was immediately curious and had high hopes for this new flavor. The cherry pie flavor is one of my favorite, but it’s quite tart and sometimes it’s a little too tart so I was a little worried it would be the same with this one.

I was wrong, it was delicious! The chocolate and cherry flavors are really well balanced, making it a nice indulgent treat with all the simple goodness that we’re used to from Larabar.

I have not tried all of the Larabar flavors, mostly because some of them just have too many calories for me – boarding on meal replacement – so I stick to those that are around 190 or 200 calories. Sometimes I’ll splurge on a day I’ve done a particularly long run or hard workout and have a peanut butter chocolate chip bar that has 220 cals. The Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte comes in a little high in fat at 12 grams and sugar with 23grams, but on the relatively low side of the calories scale at 190.

The ingredients are simple – dates, almonds, cashews, unsweetened cherries, chocolate chips (Fair Trade certified), and a little sea salt. See, it is possible to have great tasting packaged food without all the extra, unnecessary ingredients that are impossible to even pronounce. Now, only if they’d use Michigan cherries!

With all this in mind, I’m pretty sure I’ll be having this one again in the near future.

Thanks for the deliciousness, Larabar! I’m hooked!

  • Do you have a favorite Larabar flavor?
  • What’s your go-to snack?


Today’s workout -

  • 40min stationary bike
  • 2x20 seated row
  • 2x18 lat pull down
  • 2x20 upright row
  • 2x16 back extension
  • stretching
  • ab exercises


MrsQ said...

I haven't had a larabar in years... I think I need to get some here soon!

J said...

I have never had a Larabar - guess I need to get on that! Sounds delicious!

misszippy said...

They sent me the same lovely package and now I have a new favorite!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I haven't had a Larabar ever, but they sound so good!

Callie said...

I actually bought the cherry larabar the other day and have yet to try it! I read about it on a few other blogs and knew I had to get it. I'm saving it for a real pinch..maybe tomorrow :) Can't wait!

trifitmom said...

i love larabars. i actually enjoy the plain flavors of apple or banana, can't seem to find the banana one anywhere these days ???

Alisa said...

Peanut butter and jelly! Tastes just like the sandwich. Followed closely by the peanut butter chocolate chip which tastes like cookies!

Elle said...

Love LARABARs! nice surprise.

gracekelle said...

My favorite is the chocolate chip cookie dough. Love Larabars but I agree, some bars are higher in carbs, sugar, and calories. But when I do have them, i don't feel as bad having a 200+ calorie snack over a 100 calorie processed bag of air and fake food products. Yay for Larabars! I'll have to grab this new flavor next time.

Penny said...

I have had several different larabar. but that choc chip cherry torte sounds really good. I love that they dont have only a few ingredient in them..

Laura said...

Do you have an RSS feed to the blog?

Lisa said...

@gracekelle - I totally think the same way. When I want a treat, I reach for a larabar knowing that even though it's around 200 calories, they're much healthier calories than from a cookie or cupcake!

If any of you try this flavor, or any others, let me know what you think!!