Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's a Hot Summer

It was 78 degrees and 77% humidity when we woke up at 5am this morning! Given this fact and knowing the air conditioning at the gym doesn't come on until 7:30am, I followed my plan to go for a run! It was hot and I was slow, but I'm glad I did it. I took along my exercise band and did some monster walks, squats and kickbacks out by the river before heading to the gym in our building for a little strength training. I've started my half marathon training plan (a few weeks ahead of schedule) so I only ran 3 miles this morning, which was just about right in this heat. I really hope people don't try to run later today when it's 98 degrees. The city is like an oven this week! Be careful out there!!
The East River at 5:30am

Speaking of heat...it was pretty hot in Raleigh when we were there last month! Before we head to Seattle on Friday, I wanted to share with you some pictures from our trip (in addition to the ones from our running adventures). We had such a great time, I couldn't let any more time pass without sharing them. 

We explored Duke University
The Sarah P Duke Gardens were gorgeous
Smaller than we had expected

Checked out the American Tobacco Historic District in Durham
Turns out the Burt's Bees headquarters are here!

Took in a Durham Bulls baseball game
Yes, as in the iconic baseball flick, Bull Durham 
When the home team scores a home run, the bull's eyes light up,
smoke comes from his nose and his tail goes up & down!

Joined locals on the lawn to watch a viewing of Troubadour a documentary about Carole King, James Taylor and the legendary LA club.

picture courtesy of Woody

Explored the incredible State Farmers Market

We couldn't resist buying some of the juiciest peaches we've every had!

Cooled down with concretes from Goodberry's
A little melty for both of us, but I loved the flavor! Next time I'd get a sundae instead.

And enjoyed some good (but expensive) gluten free pizza from the Mellow Mushroom
My first taste of gluten free pizza

I wish I had taken more pictures, but we were paying more attention to what was happening in the moment rather than worrying about getting it on film memory card.
  • Do you prefer active, relaxing or combo vacations?
  • When traveling, do you try to seek out local food favorites or stick to what you know?
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Today's workout -
3mile run
monster walks
2x15 squats
4x10 kick backs
2x17 lateral arm raise
2x20 weighted side bends


Donna said...

I'm a newer follower & I love your blog! I have to say the past year & a half every vacation we have taken has revolved around a triathlon or marathon & i don't see that changing anytime soon! Lol

Susan said...

Oh, it's soooo hot in the south, too..... I can barely breathe outside! It looks like you had a great trip to Raleigh.... loved all the pictures. I like both kinds of vacations..... at the beach, I like to relax and take it easy, other places, I like to explore.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Raleigh has been hot this whole summer. I live south of Raleigh and it is blistering. I went running a few days ago in the AM and it was like running with a wet towel in my face. I love the photos of Raleigh, especially the farmer's market. Isn't amazing? I like going there every few weeks.

Maria @ Asphalt Tales

Elle said...

I do try to sample the local specialties when travelling.

I ate a few lobsters when in the Canadian Maratimes a couple of years ago, and learned to love PEI mussels and also Digby scallops.

And I love to sample fresh local fruit when it's in season... cherries, apples, oranges and such.

It is fun to have things that you can't get, or aren't as good as, at home.

Anonymous said...

Well it's freezing in Seattle!! You'll probably find it refreshing... I say it is FREEZING! Safe travels!