Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend in Review

This weekend was a complete whirlwind. 

Saturday morning I went for a run that turned out to be my best in-recovery run so far! It was warm, but not hot or too humid. I set out with an idea of how far I would go but that's been something I've been deciding while on the run lately, depending on how I'm feeling. Saturday I was feeling pretty good so I went a little longer than I had on my past runs. Not too long, a little under 6 miles, and I wasn't going very fast, but when I finished I felt I could have gone a little farther. Since the weather was amazing, there were a ton of people out and I saw a few friends, April and Steve, along the way too, which was great! They're much faster runners than I am, so I insisted they keep going and not slow down cause I didn't want to hold them back. April is an amazing runner who I admire a great deal. She has great speed, is completely dedicated and can seemingly run miles upon miles without injury. She is also one of the nicest, most genuine people I know and she's a vegetarian and gluten intolerant. I hope that one day I'm fast enough to run with her. Just seeing them for a few seconds gave me an extra little push and I finished out my last mile strong. It was a great run and lifted my spirits about my running.

We had a busy afternoon and in the evening we went out to dinner in the East Village to celebrate Woody's promotion. We decided to walk to the next bus stop, then we missed the bus at the next stop so we kept walking and we ended up walking about two miles home! On the way, we decided to turn off the normal bus route and walk through Chinatown, a section we didn't know. It was literally like we had traveled to a different city because it was an area we had never been and were completely unfamiliar with. It was exciting and new. It was so great! We came upon a park where there were hundreds of kids out playing organized games with parents and grandparents looking on. There were people eating dinner and tourists taking pictures. We passed a few shady looking conversations, but the beautiful night (it really could not have been more perfect) made the experience a great adventure. We finished our walk with a stop at Red Mango for frozen yogurt, which is my new favorite 'treat' now that I can't eat gluten. Somewhere along the way my knee started aching a good amount and we were pretty tired by the time we got home, but it was worth it. 

I did not sleep well Saturday night and we had to get up early Sunday to fit in a workout in our building gym before heading out to Jersey. We were invited to a cookout at a friends house and met up with a few others in Newark to get a ride out there (closer to PA boarder than NY). It was a great afternoon but when we got home at nearly 7pm and still had to clean the apartment, I couldn't believe the weekend was almost over!

But, we only work four days this week and then we're off to SEATTLE!!! I can not wait. It is what will get me through the week. I strongly believe that life is better when we have things to look forward too. Be it a race, a trip, a party, a family gathering, a graduation, an interview, a meeting...whatever it is, it's always important to have something to look forward to. Almost all of my thoughts over the next few days will be about our trip; meeting other bloggers; the race on Sunday; hiking Mt. Rainier; kayaking; exploring. Am I the only one who thinks Samantha Brown, from the Travel Channel, has the best job in the world?!?
  • What was the best part of your weekend?
  • What things are you looking forward to?
Saturday's workout -
5.21mile run
2x20 bicep curls
125 ab exercises
2x40sec planks
3x15 squats

Sunday's workout -
35min elliptical
125 ab exercises
2x20 upright row
2x16 leg curl
2x14 leg extension
2x15 tricep kickback
monster walks

Today's workout -
35min elliptical
2x15 resistance band woodchop
2x15 clamshells
100 ab exercises
3x10 squats
2x15 straight arm raise


Susan said...

I think Sam has the best job in the world, too! I totally want her job. Sounds like you had a great weekend.... that walk sounds perfect because it's so stifling hot here in the south.

Anonymous said...

So jealous of your Seattle trip! I've never been but really want to visit and do a lot of thing things you're doing! Hope this week goes by fast!