Friday, July 1, 2011

Five for Friday

How is it July 1st already? Is my calendar right? I feel like the year just began!

1. This has been a crazy week. It seems to have flown by because we've been so busy! Getting back from Raleigh late Sunday night meant we had to do our normal weekend chores after work. Monday was laundry night and Tuesday was grocery shopping. Let's just say Trader Joe's is not the place you want to be after work; the line was L.O.N.G. All this meant we didn't eat dinner before 8:00pm either night, which is definitely not ideal. We used to eat that late on a regular basis, but have been trying to eat earlier over the past year or so. I guess two nights isn't bad.

2. Wednesday night we attempted to see comedian Jim Gaffigan at SummerStage in Central Park. The show was free but we had no idea how early we should get in line. We left as early as we  could and that just wasn't early enough. If you know the park, the line started at SummerStage and went south on the sidewalk almost down to carousel! Yes, that long. Instead we grabbed a spot on the lawn outside the fence, laid down our blanket and decided to have out picnic and enjoy the show from there. Others were already there and many more joined us.
Our awesome view of the stage
We were pretty bummed out that we weren't inside and the people who talked through
the whole thing were annoying, but it was a beautiful night and we had a great time anyway!
We were not the only ones who didn't get in. Jim Gaffigan is a popular guy.
3. Last week I found an amazing little hidden spot near our apartment that I told you about. Well, yesterday I found one near my office! The weather was beautiful so I went for a little walk at lunch and stumbled upon this place.
There's only a small patch of grass, but there's a river view, some shade, and it's tucked away from the busy streets. I think I'll find my way back often.

4. Woody and I are staying put this weekend for the 4th of July. Part of me is sad we won't be at the cottage to celebrate, but I'm also happy not to be traveling with everyone else who lives in this city. The one thing we'll miss the most is grilling. We love to grill. If you're planning to grill and are still looking for some healthy ideas, HERE are some tasty looking recipes to check out. 

5. Here's a funny, patriotic video to get your weekend started! It's a few years old, but Muppets never go out of style!
  • Who's your favorite comedian?
  • What's your favorite thing to grill?
  • Are S'mores not the best summer treats?
  • What are your plans for the holiday weekend?
Wednesday's workout -
35min elliptical
100 crunches
2x20 leg press
2x15 leg curl
2x17 leg extension
2x20 upright row

Thursday's workout -
None. Rest day.

Today's workout -
35min elliptical
100 crunches
2x35sec bridge
1x35sec plank
2x15 squats
monster walks
2x18 bent row
2x16 lateral arm raise


Anonymous said...

Summer Stage is crazy busy! Glad you were still able to enjoy it. I'd have to say Kathy Griffin is one of my fav comedienne's. I'm staying put for the 4th too - kind of excited just to chill out! Have a great one!

Barbara said...

We'll miss you Up North . I'm enjoying seeing all these tucked away little Parks.
It's sad that my Day Care kids have no idea who the Muppets are. You say Kermit or Miss Piggy and get blank looks in return.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that Kathy Griffin is my favorite comedient. She is so funny! For this weekend, I am just staying put. My body is drained from this past week's bout of strep throat.

Enjoy your weekend!
Maria ! Asphalt Tales

Susan said...

Fave comedian: Still Jerry Sienfeld.... hilarious and little cursing.
Fave to grill: nothing better than a steak on the grill.
Making s'mores tonight, actually!
No plans... other than watching the fireworks Monday night at our usual spot.

Julie said...

We love to grill shish-K-bobs. Grilled pineapple, tomatoes, onions, peppers, chicken all tossed over sticky rice. YUM!

Penny said...

I had a get together sat for a cookout and to watch fireworks. We celebrated early here. So the reast of the weekend is for relaxation. YES. Have a good holikday weekend.

gracekelle said...

It's amazing how many hidden gems are in our great city. One can live here 10+ years and there's always something new to discover. I love getting lost or wandering aimlessly. It's the best way to find hidden parks or peaceful areas. It's like no one else knows about it and it's all yours :)