Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How Did I Miss This Place?

You may or may not know that Woody and I live in the Financial District of Manhattan. It's anchored by the street Americans love to hate - Wall Street. It's an area filled with tourists and bankers by day, but quiet and peaceful by night (unless there's a big red carpet event at Cipriani's, of course).

Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day and after we made our weekly trip to the New Amsterdam Market I wanted to stay outside to read. I wanted to stay closer to the apartment but didn't know where to go, when Woody mentioned 55 Wall Street. He didn't know what it was, really, but there is a big staircase between two buildings. So, I decided I'd check it out and if it wasn't anything, then I'd go somewhere else.

Well, it definitely was something. Actually, it's pretty amazing!

It's a little piece of heaven right smack dab in the middle of huge high rise buildings! We've lived here since August and I had absolutely no idea this existed! 

This is not a quiet park by any means. While three sides are surrounded by buildings, the fourth side looks out over the East River and Brooklyn, which means you have to contend with the noise of the FDR highway below, the boats in the river and the helicopters landing and taking off from the downtown heliport at a constant clip. But even with all that noise, this place is incredible. 

It's obviously not a secret, but on this perfect (practically) summer Sunday afternoon, there was hardly a crowd. I really hope the people who work in these buildings appreciate what they have and take advantage of this garden. I can't wait to enjoy a picnic on the lawn with Woody sometime soon! If you're ever downtown and want a place to sit and put up your feet for a few minutes without the crowds, head over here! This place proves that you never know what you'll find around the next corner!
  • Have you found any unique places near your home that surprised you?
  • Do you have a special 'hide-out' where you like to escape to?
Today's workout -
40min elliptical
100 crunches
3x10 hip raise
2x17 leg curl
2x15 leg extension


J said...

Wow that is beautiful! So nice to have a place to go like that even if it is next to lots of buildings!

Christine said...

I love discovering new places where I live. I always have that head-smacking moment, though. How did I not know it was there this whole time (I have no excuse, I've lived in the same spot for nearly 5 years)?

misszippy said...

That's just too cool! I was just reading an article about the new park that is up on an old "el" line there...this isn't the same, is it?

Barbara said...

No , they're 2 different Parks. We're hoping to see both in August.New York has these wonderful Parks all over. If only other cities and towns would do half as well as NY does on Parks !