Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Woody and I started our celebration of the 4th of July by heading up town for a sweaty run in Central Park. The park was pretty quiet when we arrived but coming to life when we left about an hour later. It was a good run and my knee was much less achy today than it has been for a while. Things are definitely looking up on the running front!

When I think of the Fourth of July, I always think about our family cottage in Northern Michigan. It's been in the family for half a century and holds a special place in my heart. I haven't been there on the Fourth for quite a few years now, but hope to get up there again soon for the holiday. Specific things always stick out when I think of celebrating the 4th at Mill Point.

Family. Laughter. Board games and 500 piece puzzles. Sand. Tubing and water skiing. Sailing. Ice cream socials. Garden Tractor rides and camp songs. The blueberry patch. Walks in the woods. Deer sightings. 'Camp outs' on the porch. S'mores. Fireworks. Talent shows. Go-cart rides. National Cherry Festival. Swimming. Strawberry jam. Bug spray. Hot chocolate. Pancakes. The climbing tree. Porcupines. Sunblock. Sitting on the raft.

This was a long time ago. Can you guess which is me?!

without the numerous campers and tents

  • What are some of your favorite 4th of July memories?
Saturday's workout -
4.68mile run
100 crunches
2x15 leg curls
2x17 leg extensions
2x20 upright row
2x15 resistance band woodchops

Sunday's workout -
40min elliptical
2x20 hammer curl
2x18 weighted side bends
150 crunches
2x40sec plank
2x20 cable pull pushdown
2x15 leg curl
2x15 leg extension

Today's workout -
~4.5mile run
monster walk


Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

I love love LOVE the matching bathing suits!!!

Tropical Eats said...

happy 4th!!!

my fave 4th of july was camping in the georgia mountains with my fam.

such good times!

Raquelita said...

Your family cottage sounds fantastic! It's funny, but since I've been out of the country for several fourth of July celebrations and/or working to meet some sort of deadline usually in the summer months, I always find this holiday sort of anticlimactic. Grilling and chilling for a couple of hours is the most I've come to expect of it.

Barbara said...

Missed you , Matt and your sister and her family this weekend. Weather and water were beautiful , both deep blue in hue. Company was great , too .. 30 when all arrived !(: