Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Case for Massage

Last night I got a massage. While massages are always a good thing, for runners specifically, regular massages can be very beneficial while training. The one I got last night focused on my legs because of the tightness I've been experiencing in my left leg which has been bothering me a bit; it was also a combination of assisted stretching and massage. While it wasn't always super comfortable and relaxing, I definitely do feel that it was what I needed. Immediately afterwards I felt better. This morning, I was a little stiff and my run still started out a little wonky, but I settled in and my legs loosened up. I'm feeling pretty good as I write this, so hopefully I'll continue to.

There are several reasons why massages are great for runners:
  1. Can speed recovery time
  2. It increases blood flow and circulation
  3. Can help increase flexibility
  4. Keeps muscles, tendons and joints healthy and in good shape
  5. Relieves muscle tension
  6. It feels great and can be extremely relaxing - good for the body and soul
While massages can be pretty costly, they can also be very beneficial, even if used once every so often. Or as a 'reward' for finishing a race (just wait a few days before you do it so your muscles aren't too sore)! If you do get a massage, remember it's important to eat healthfully and stay hydrated to optimize the benefits.

Especially with my history of injuries and osteopenia, I hope to make massages a part of my training; I think they'll help keep me running! Because for many of us (including myself), massages aren't very economical, between them I'll keep using the trusty foam roller and stick!
  • What's your favorite way to recover while training hard or from a long run or race?
Today's workout -
40 minute tempo run
3x10 lateral arm raise
3x10 hammer curls
3x5 resistance band front, side, and back kicks
2x10 reistance band side squats
foam roller


misszippy said...

Massage is the best. I've been close to injury many times in the past and had massage save me! I also like to get one about a week out from a race to loosen up.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

noo need to convince me I love a massage! for some reason, I have continued them in Miami. I did one monthly in KC with a person I loved, so I think that's it.. I just don't know how to find someone so good in Miami

Karen said...

Good to know! I love getting massages and have often had the Massuese (sp?) tell me that I should come in regularly but never really knew the benefits.

Michelle said...

I love massages! I try to incorporate them into my training plan as much as my budget will allow!

Stephanie said...

I can't afford massages from professionals very regularly but I'll make sure to pass all of this info on to the boy. :) lol

Lauren said...

You make a great argument for regular massages. I am definitely going to have to incorporate at least one into my training this spring!!

Anonymous said...

you've got me sold :)
love your blog!