Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Still Catching Up

So, you know I went back to Michigan for the weekend. This is why...

My grandma's 9 grandchildren (who live in 6 different States) and 3 of her great-grandchildren invaded her house at 10am Saturday and we spent the day catching up and celebrating her 90th. Festivities included a trip to the MSU Museum, lunch out, games, a photo session to remember the day, oh, and lots of eating!

Here's a random fact about me...

I own a dinosaur bone! Yep. Well, actually my parents bought one for me and one for my sister way back in 1987. It was a fundraiser for the MSU Museum when it acquired the dinosaur to make the long term exhibit possible. Funny thing is, the first race I ever entered was the Dinosaur Dash organized by the museum! We had all forgotten about this, so it was fun to see our names on the wall...so many years later!

We had a great time on Saturday and it was really a gift to have the time to catch up with my cousins who I hardly get to see. I have to say though, it was a bit crazy in the evening when we had four generations in the condo enjoying cake and ice cream. Still, it was a great time!

So... I've been catching up since I got home. Doing laundry, trying to read a few blogs, write this post, work on NYRR YPC planning, spending a half hour on hold trying to reach someone at the MTA to complain about a refund.... you know, the normal stuff!

I did 6 miles on the treadmill this morning. The first half mile was still pretty wonky but then my muscles loosen up and my stride evens out. Felt pretty good, but I probably could have pushed it a little more. I'm really looking forward to tonight when I get a sports massage! I've been trying to schedule this for a few weeks since my leg started acting up. It really is just tight muscles (I hope) so the massage should help work things out! I'll let you all know tomorrow how it goes. I love that the guy I'm going to see works on elite athletes and his office is in lower Manhattan not far from our place so it'll be an easy stop on my way home. I'm hoping that this helps work out the tightness!
  • What's a funny/weird fact about you?
  • Do you work massages into your training?
Today's workout -
6mile run
3x5 resistance band leg kicks - front, side, back
foam roller


mealsformiles said...

Aww, happy b-day to your grandma! Very jealous of your massage - I would love to work them into my routine more, but my wallet has other ideas... Enjoy yours!

AM-GoalsfortheWeek! said...

Hi there,
I've just made the commitment to put massages into my training. And not just for training but also just for ME time;-) Just booked one for next week;-)

SueMac said...

Hey! Happy Birthday to your grandma! How wonderful that you all got together. I'm very lucky where my sister is a massage therapist and she will work anything out I ask her to..... she's awesome! And when she's done I feel all loose and relaxed... ahhhhh......... Oh, and an interesting fact about me? Well, I don't know.... I think they're all kinda not interesting... I'll have to think on that one.