Saturday, February 12, 2011

Treadmill: Conquered

I had a great run today. I planned on a six mile run, so I only did 4 yesterday since it was my 5th day working out in a row and 6th workout of the week (morning workouts plus Zumba). Lately I've just been running five because of my morning schedule, so I wanted to go a little further today. You all know I'm not a fan of the treadmill, but because I have more sinus trouble running in the cold I have to get on the treadmill. Truthfully, this hasn't been working out all that much better but when it's freezing outside.... Today was different though. For some (fantastic) reason I didn't have much trouble with my sinuses at all during my run! My legs felt good and it didn't take long to settle into a good rhythm. When I was approaching six miles, I felt I could go farther, so I did, but not too much farther. I have four races on my schedule now and I don't want to risk injuring myself again because I go too far, too soon. Six and a half miles was good enough for today and I finished feeling good, but like tired, so it was a good workout!

After this great workout I had to go to Trader Joe's to pick up some groceries. Woody was on his way uptown too, but to meet up with some members of our alumni club to get a tour of the Natural History Museum. On the way, the subway took forever, delayed a few times, and then after I got off at 14th St, I found out that the 1/2/3 subway had stopped running. Not good. Woody had to take cab all the way to the UWS so not to be late and I ended up having to trudge an extra quarter mile with two very heavy bags of groceries to get to another line. Gotta love these weekends when the MTA is doing 'track work' on 17 lines.

Okay, I'm off. Have a great weekend!

Yoga tomorrow!
  • Random question today: candy or chocolate. Which do you prefer?
Today's workout:
6.5mile run
3x10 seated row
3x10 hip abductor
3x10 hip adductor
100 crunches
1x50sec plank


Julie D. said...

Way to rock it on the treadmill!!! Definitely a chocolate girl...chocolate and caramel actually!

misszippy said...

Way to go with the dreadmill. Hopefully it will not be a necessary evil much longer...bring on spring!

Pinkhatrunner said...

Way to go. I know the treadmill can be so boring. Like misszippy says hopefully we wont have to worry about the cold weather to much longer. I ran a 5 mile race this morning. It felt so good to be outside running with people.

Jenn said...

Great treadmill run! I love those runs where you want to go farther. Wish I had MORE of those!!!

I desperately wish we had a Trader Joe's. I am craving Tom Yam soup in the worst way!! When I went to Chicago, I'm lucky we got ANYWHERE. I am such a rookie when it comes to trains and subways.

Candy-swedish fish, Hot tamales, and Good n' Plenty's to be specific-ha!

Jamoosh said...

Darn! Based on the title I thought maybe you had turned the treadmill into a twisted piece of unusable metal.

April said...

Nice job! I'm equally split on the chocolate/candy, though I tend towards the chocolate--esp if there is peanut butter nearby!

Lauren said...

Great run! I much more prefer chocolate over candy, mostly because I don't like fruit flavored foods. But I do like Jelly Beans!

Jake said...

good on you. keep going