Monday, January 17, 2011

What a Dreary Morning

I thought Florida was supposed to be all warm and sunny. What happened? During the middle of the night last night the rain started pounding down outside. We woke up to rumbles of thunder and my hopes of running outside again this morning were instantly dashed. It finally stopped raining a little bit ago and I just saw a tiny peak of the sun, but the forecast calls for on and off rain showers all day today. Poor Woody isn't getting to the golf course today like he had hoped but at least tomorrow should be better and he can go then.

This morning instead of going for a run we went to the community's fitness center. Woody's Mom lives in one of the gated communities down here and there are a couple golf courses and a few fitness centers but there is one that's taken care of a bit better and has more equipment so we got in the car and headed there. It was weird to get in a car to go to the gym! The place was busy! Spinning and water aerobics classes were starting and there were quite a few people in the gym working out. Woody and I were, by far, the youngest people in the place, so I told him he couldn't show up any of the guys who were trying to impress the ladies! ;)

I warmed up on the bike for about 20 minutes then headed to a treadmill. I have really become to love the Woodway at our gym at home so I wasn't sure if a regular treadmill would bother my foot but it ended up being okay. I did a 4 mile progression run and felt really good at the end. Definitely a successful run. After that I spent a good half hour stretching and strength training. In the end, even though it wasn't the outdoor run I had been hoping for, it was a great workout.

Yesterday morning, after a much needed good night's sleep, Woody and I laced up and headed out for a run in the neighborhood. We covered a 5 mile out-and-back route that included quite a few hills. I literally haven't run hills since the Turkey Trot since downtown is pretty flat, so this was a good workout for my legs and lungs. My legs felt really good through the whole run but it was apparently still chilly enough to really bother my sinuses so I was having a bit of trouble breathing. I really can't wait till warmer weather and I don't have to deal with this anymore! I hate running inside, but it doesn't bother my sinuses much, so there are definite trade-offs.

Oh, Saturday after we got here I was able to get online and register for the Broad Street Run! I'm really excited that things are falling into place for my Birthday weekend and I have my first big race of the year to train for. I hope to see some of you at the race, too!!

Okay, gotta jet. We're going to find something to do in this less-than-stellar weather. (I can't complain much though because it is warmer than at home!) Woody's Grandma, who is from Poland, is making us Kluski's for dinner tonight at his request. He's getting spoiled this week, his Mom made baby-back ribs last night for him, too. (Since you all know I very rarely cook meat!)

How was your weekend? Anyone race? Have you all taken down your holiday decorations?
Saturday's workout -
None. Scheduled rest day.

Yesterday's workout -
5mile run

Today's workout -
4mile bike
4mile run
3x10 cable pull twists
3x12 lat pull downs
3x10 cable pull push downs
3x10 weighted side bends
3x10 weighted squats
3x10 seated row
3x12 front arm raise
3x10 bent arm side raise


Rose said...

The only thing left from our holiday decorations is the tree, which is sitting on our porch, waiting for us to chop it up so it can be recycled. Everything else is packed up. =(

Barbara said...

Weekend was good. Attended MSU's bball game vs. Northwestern. We won in overtime , but NW controlled most of the game. Took a friend to dinner and Sunday ,after ushering at Church drove to Grand Rapids to see the Diana , A Celebration exhibit at the GR Art Museum. Very well done exhibit and nice , new Art Museum with a skating rink well used in front. Luckily , good roads and no snow.
Everything's down and put away.

Molly said...

oh my, warmer weather feels so far away to me, this morning it was - 1!

your race sounds fun!!

Lauren said...

My weekend was good, thank you! I did not race, but spend some time looking for races.....

Great job working out on your vaca! Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow....

stephchows said...

Hope the weather gets better for you down there! What a rainy bummer :(

Morgan said...

I can't believe we were in Florida at the same time!!! Monday was dreary as all can be! Boo!!! Hope you had a wonderful trip!