Friday, January 14, 2011

5 For Friday

1. Tomorrow Woody and I are waking up way too early for a Saturday morning to head to the airport. We're going to Florida for several days to visit Woody's family: his mom, brother, and grandparents. We're both looking forward to the visit and to leaving this cold weather for a warmer climate. Today is the coldest day yet of the winter for us, so this is definitely great timing for our trip! I'm definitely going to take advantage of being in Florida by running each morning; I just have to remember what to wear when it's 50 degrees! I'm taking our computer and planning to post a few times while we're down there.

2. While at the airport, or on the plan (gotta love free wi-fi on Jet Blue), I am going to register for the Broad Street Run, a 10 mile race in Philly on May 1st. I've never run this race before, I've never run a race outside of NYC, but I've heard great things about it. I've also heard that it fills up quickly and since a lot of races seem to be filling up in record times this year, I'm definitely registering as soon as possible. I'm excited for this race for a few reasons: 1) It will be the first race I will travel for, 2) It's in Philly and I love Philly, 3) It's a new distance for me, 4) We'll also be celebrating my 30th Birthday, which is April 30th, that weekend (yep, now you know how old I am)! If you're running this race too, let me know!

3. NYC Winter Restaurant Week starts January 24th and runs through February 6th! This city has a ton of amazing restaurants (read: expensive) and this is a great time to enjoy 3-course meals at a more wallet-friendly price! Woody and I have taken advantage of almost every restaurant week since we've been out here. There's a list of over 300 participating restaurants and many of the menu's (which are pre-fixe) are posted. My one tip: knowing what the menu is beforehand is very helpful since you usually get two or three choices for each course. You don't want to sit down at the table and see that you don't want to try anything on the menu!

4. I found some funny ads the other day that I had to share with you! I'm not endorsing these products, but I do think they're perfect for a Friday laugh! 

Click HERE to watch

Click HERE to watch

5. If you're like me, you want to make sure that the foods you eat are healthy for you. That the meat you buy is the best meat you can get; definitely not the stuff pumped with hormones and antibiotics and who knows what else. Recently the USDA released a new set of regulations for many raw meat products requiring nutrition labels starting in 2012. Right now, a lot of the 'labels' on meat are more marketing terms than anything else. If you've ever been confused about the difference between 'grass-fed' and 'free-range' check out THIS article by Rodale.

What's on tap for your weekend?
today's workout -
5.65mile/50min elliptical
3x10 bicep curls
3x10 hammer curls
3x10 overhead tricep extension


Laura said...

Would love to hear your reviews of where you eat for food week. I will be in NYC for the half in March and am planning out some reservations.
have a great weekend.

misszippy said...

Broad St. is a blast! You'll love it. Plus, it's flat, flat, flat--a great PR course (unless of course it is unexpectedly 90 degrees like last year!). Have a great warm weather break!

Krystal said...

I will hopefully be running Broad Street for the first time this year too.

Katie @ Health for the Whole Self said...

I probably won't be running Broad Street this year, but I ran it last year and LOVED IT! It's nice and flat, so great for getting a record time. And there are always so many spectators!

Lisa said...

LOVE the great stuff I'm hearing about Broad Street! It's my first time doing a 10mile race, so no matter how fast I run it, it'll be a PR! Krystal, if we both get in we should meet up!

Rose said...

I have a big hike planned for this weekend. 6 miles up and down a big hill. I am very excited.

Christy said...

Philly is a GREAT city to run in! I ran the Philadelphia Marathon this past Fall...I might look into running Broad Street! I've heard it's a great race! I'm running my first 10-miler in April in DC and I'm really excited for the distance!

The Running Gator said...

Like the blog! Good work on not just throwing your exercise to the wind on your trip. I can tell that you have become a convert! Good luck on the race!

Barbara said...

Did you get registered for the race ?

Karen said...

Have fun in Florida!!! :0)

Anonymous said...

I have never run Broad Street, but as a former Villanova runner I've always heard good things about it!

I am also doing NYC Restaurant week..might look to go 2-3 times between different groups of friends and family. So far, I am planning on trying Riverpark, either Centro Vinoteca or Nobu Next Door, and either Rosa Mexicano or Asia de Cuba. I love trying new (fancy!) restaurants and new foods--where are you going for RW?