Friday, December 3, 2010

5 For Friday

I can't believe it's Friday already! Last night I was thinking about my post for today when I realized it was time for a 5 for Friday post. This week has flown by. It makes me think - do I like it when a week goes so quickly or is that a bad thing? I mean, it does mean that time is going by quickly and that's another day that we're not going to get back.

1. Woody was away for the last few days on a business trip and got back last night! I was glad to see an email from him when I got home from work saying he caught an earlier, and faster, train and would arrive before I went to bed afterall! I have enjoyed control of the remote for a few nights, but I'd rather have him here!

2. My parents are coming for Christmas, which I'm really excited about. It will be our first time hosting guests for Christmas, so I'm feeling a little pressure, but really excited as well. I'm already trying to decide what to cook for meals and everything else even though we're still a few weeks away. Plus, I can't wait to show them around our new neighborhood!

3. For generations, we've been told that weight training for children (in any form) will stunt their growth and harm them in multiple ways permanently. However, several studies, including one large study recently released, prove the opposite and actually suggest that weight training is actually good for kids and teens. As one scientist puts it in THIS article, "We are urban dwellers stuck in hunter-gatherer bodies." As our society has changed through generations, we don't develop our muscles in the same ways that older generations did and younger generations can benefit from strength training. It's a very interesting article.

4. With the holiday season comes a few great ways to give back while we're cherishing all the things we have to be thankful for. One day last week as I walked out of Grand Central Station on my way to work I was greeted by a man, ringing a bell and standing next to a red kettle. I promptly dug into my pocket and threw a few coins through the slot as I walked by and wished him a good day. Yesterday an email arrived in my inbox from our apartment building management announcing that a box was being placed in our lobby for us to place donations in for Toys for Tots. I love that our building is doing this. It's such a simple thing to do and so convenient for hundreds of people. You can make a secure donation to the Salvation Army by clicking on the banner ad in the right sidebar or going HERE. By clicking HERE you can find a Toys for Tots drop off point near your home. Spread the joy of the holidays!

5. The last few weeks I've been posting at least one video on Friday and today is going to be no different! I haven't watched Conan's new show but while watching the early news this morning at the gym I saw this clip and literally laughed so hard I almost stopped on the elliptical cause I thought I would fall off! It's all pretty funny, but THIS clip is a little long, so if you need to fast forward go to about 4:10. (Blogger won't let me embed this video since it's not from youtube or my computer. Sorry!)

How do you give back around the holidays?
I hope you have a great weekend! Let us know if you're running a race, big event or celebration!
today's workout -
45min/5.25 miles elliptical
3x10 front arm raise
3X40sec ea planks


misszippy said...

I love when family comes to's a great chance to immerse them in your daily lives.

I am in charge of our church's "giving tree." We get gift wishes from three different agencies serving the homeless and then people bring the gifts back. I'm collecting them all this Sunday to deliver on MOnday. Good stuff!

stephchows said...

So glad you are joining in on the cookie exchange!! And so exciting that you are hosting christmas this year!! How fun!

Kirstie said...

Relax and have fun at Christmas when your family is there. It will be worth all the hard work.

Tropical Eats said...

hahah that conan video is hilarious! team coco!

glad your fam is coming up for the holidays :) trying to convince my mom to visit is so hard! she doesn't like it up here at all

lindsay said...

i do not understand jeggings... that video was funny though, and taught me a little about jeggings, i think. so they're not *really* jeans, they're just spandex that look like jeans? i'm so confused.

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

That is so cool about strength training and children! I am so glad Woody is back and that is so fun that your parents will be here for Christmas. I love Conan more than words can say.
We usually pick a name from the angel tree:)
P.S. Good call about the ice cream and chocolate:)