Saturday, December 4, 2010


This morning I woke up to bright blue skies and I could tell just by looking out the window that it was going to be cold. You know how you can do that in the winter? How it just looks different? Well, I was right. The local news showed it was 32'. Literally freezing. I bundled up and headed out with a six miler in mind.

One thing I like about my routes downtown is that I can easily make them longer or shorter depending on how I'm feeling. Except for the fact that I had to stop to blow my nose (stupid sinuses) when I had only reached about half a mile, I was feeling good. I made my way up Broadway and over into Tribeca going up Greenwich St which is really empty on an early morning. I don't like the cobblestone streets that I have to cross but it's a cute street and I don't have to worry about traffic on the sidewalks. Then it took a few minutes to cross the West Side Highway because I didn't time it well but I got over to the path and headed back down. Along my run I stopped 5 times to blow my nose. I had a ton of Kleenex in my pockets. I really think that Kleenex should enter the athlete sponsorship business and sponsor me. I go through enough boxes!

Running along the Hudson River this morning looking at Downtown

There were quite a few people out all bundled up, although I did see a few runners in long sleeve shirts and shorts. I was a bit warm in what I was wearing, but I just don't know how those runners do it! But, whatever works for them! I stopped near the south cove to take a picture of three women who were in town visiting for the weekend. Whenever Woody and I go on vacation we often end up taking pictures of each other and don't get many together, so I like to offer to take pictures for small groups of people when I can so they are all in the pictures together and no one is left out. They were really nice women and thankful for me taking a break from my run to do it. Glad I could do it.

The rest of my run was pretty smooth. A strange tightness in my right calf started bothering me a little around 5.5 miles as I was going past the Staten Island Ferry, but I was able to run through it since it really wasn't affecting my running and other than that I still felt great. I finished the six miles near Stone Street and walked to the park on Hanover to stretch. It was a great run on a beautiful winter day!

I'm not sure what the rest of the day will be like. We're heading to the farmer's market soon and I might spend a little time at the coffee shop (making sure they give me decaf this time!) and then who knows what! I love the weekend!

What's on tap for your day?
today's workout -
6mile run


The Hungry Runner Girl said...

Bummer about the calf...hopefully that doesn't happen again. I love the view you had on your run, gorgeous! Hope you had fun at the farmer's market! On my way to costco!

Whitney said...

I always offer to take strangers pictures too. I feel like a total goober offering, but I just know that they'll appreciate having everyone in the picture together.

Susan said...

You should master the art of the snot rocket...I'll never go back to Kleenex again! :)

Corey @ the runner's cookie said...

Sounds like a gorgeous run! Cities make for the best running scenery.
(Just read your about page -- so inspiring, you are awesome.)

Amber said...

Thats sucks about your calf :(

I got my fit for a runner package last week :) Thank you! Very sweet of you!

JLT said...

my calves always act up in the winter. i blame the cold. good for you for motivating. i hibernated this weekend!