Thursday, December 2, 2010

Working Out After Work and Focusing

I didn't workout yesterday morning due to the torrential downpour and high winds. Woody is out of town for a few nights for work. I had to kill time till the 9:30pm game time for the MSU vs. Duke showdown in the Big 10/ACC Challenge. My strength training has taken a major hit since I started working again and had to shorten my daily workouts. All of these things made me decide to try an after work workout last night.

I got home, got changed, and ran down the few flights to the gym in our apartment building. It's not big but it has a good amount of equipment and was sufficient for what I wanted to do last night. I started with an easy 5 minute warm up on the stationary bike and then moved to the free weights. I did some crunches, planks and used a couple machines before I finished with another 5 minutes on the bike and a run up the stairs back to our apartment.

I'm really glad I did this. I realized that I really have lost some strength that I need to rebuild. I also noticed, looking in the mirror, that I've gained more weight than I'm comfortable with. I've felt it but seeing it in that mirror, for some reason, really hit home and I need to focus and loose a few pounds. After my first injury last year and not being able to workout for a while, I gained a few pounds but compared to when we got married, it's more than just a few. Looking at our honeymoon pictures while writing yesterday's post, I remembered how thin I was compared to now and how strong and good I felt. I want to get back there. I really wish I had kept a food log back then that I could refer to. Truthfully, I don't know what I weigh right now. I have an idea, but not an exact number since I hardly weigh myself. I really don't feel comfortable right now and that's the main reason why I need to focus and loose some weight. Plus, it'll help me with my running! I know this isn't going to be easy for me, especially during the holidays when everything seems to be calling my sweet tooth's name, but I have to do it for my health and my general well being. I'm going to use my own tips, and yours, to stay motivated and reach my goal!

I really liked doing this quick workout last night and I'm going to add at least one after-work workout to my schedule each week. It only takes about half an hour and I can definitely make time for that!

Once I got back I made a healthy dinner for one. Eggs, whole grain sprouted bread, hummus, salad with hericot verts and a pear.

Then I hung out and anxiously awaited the start of the basketball game! Unfortunately the game didn't turn out how I had hoped it would.

I did get to the gym this morning and no soreness yet from last night's workout. They opened late today, so all I could fit in was my cardio and a little stretching and I may head back down to the gym in our building tonight!

Do you ever split up your workouts because of time?
last night's workout -
5 minute bike warm-up
3x10 of each:
hammer curl
bicep curl
overhead tricep extension
tricep dips
upright row
lat pull down
leg extension
2x40sec planks
100 crunches
5 minute bike cool-down

today's workout -
45minutes/5.25mile elliptical
1x40sec plank
1x50sec plank


Michelle said...

With marathon training, I have lost strength as well and once I get back home after the holidays, I am going to start back up on a weight lifting routine. I miss it.

Molly said...

good luck with the weight loss, you can totally do it!

3:59:59. Bitches. said...

That dinner looks awesome! The game last night was a heartbreaker. I'm going to see MSU play Syracuse at MSG next Tuesday night. Sparty on!

Kate said...

My strength training is so inconsistent. In the summer, when I'm off and actually have time, I much prefer being outside. The rest of the year, between work and kids' activities, I have a hard time getting there. I need to commit to even once a week. I know it would make a difference.

April said...

I wish I did split my workouts sometimes, but I usually find that harder if I'm short on time than just doing 3/4 or all of a planned workout (showering more than once in a day usually takes me longer than finishing the workout in one go). I envy the folks I see at the gym at lunch who come in, do 20-30 min, change and head back to work. At least they're fitting it in somehow!

JLT said...

i do split workouts a lot. typically my week will look like this

monday am- 30 min abs/arms/strength
monday pm- yoga
tuesday am- yoga if i skipped monday
tursday pm- run or spin
wednesday- off, brilliant
thursday- run or spin 1x only
friday am- arms/abs/strength, occasionally a spin if the race/run is sat
sat- long run
sunday- recover run

runlindsrun said...

I also need to focus more on strength training! It does make a big difference in the way you look and feel. Planks are my typical go-to.

I usually run in the mornings, and have high hopes of heading to the gym post-work to get in some core and lifting...but it never pans out because I'm too tired and just want dinner! Sigh. Trying to make it a priority to add in the time for these "extras" in 2011!