Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's December & You Know What That Means...

Undoubtedly, December means many things to many people. Joy, excitement, parties, shopping, snow, baked goods, family time, religious celebrations, holiday lights, Christmas trees.... stress, anxiety, credit card bills, busy schedules.....the list is practically endless.

Here are a few tips to stay calm and enjoy the season! Feel free to add your own.

1. Stay physical - make sure to keep up with your exercise routine or at least make an effort to go out for a walk to take a break and be active.

2. Light a scented candle or a fire in your fireplace (if you're lucky enough to have one!) and curl up with a good book, play a board game with family, or watch a holiday special! All with a mug of hot chocolate, of course!

3. Focus on the most important things - family, friends, health

4. Set a budget now, at the start of the month, and stick with it so you don't overspend. Include gifts, party expenses, events, etc.

5. Volunteer - at church, school, or in your community. Giving back and helping others is good for the mind and soul and helps others in need.

6. Enjoy time with friends and family.

7. Listen to festive music (enter the giveaway here!)

8. Avoid the mall and shop online! You'll save gas money, avoid spontaneous purchases (that cute but unnecessary musical Santa is not so great for the wallet, that sweet smelling Cinnabon is the not waistline friendly!), and you can do it from the comfort and warmth of your home.

9. If you REALLY want it, enjoy a holiday treat or two! There's nothing wrong with it!

10. Give gifts from the heart. They don't have to break the bank. The thought is the most important thing.

11. Take time to have fun and breathe every day. Life is for enjoying and experiencing, not for rushing through.


Debbie said...

What great reminders. I need someone to whisper in my ear each day, "slow down".

Alisa said...

I really like #3. I think with the stress of traveling and xmas shopping sometimes that gets lost! We need to remember what the holidays are all about.

Alisa said...

PS I'm soooo entering your holiday music giveaway I'm a sucker for Xmas music!

I even have a holiday running playlist...most of it is the beach boys christmas renditions. =)

Tricia said...

Great tips!

And thanks for stopping by my blog. I haven't read "Mindless Eating". I'll have to check it out!

Marathonman101108 said...

Great tips, and colorful too! How have I missed reading your posts lately?! Time to go and catch up. :-)