Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Good & The Not So Good

Woody and I decided yesterday morning that we would sleep in today and skip the gym. We usually take a day or two off each week - it's really not healthy to go every day since muscles need time to rest and rebuild. Part of our reasoning behind taking today off was because of the MSU/UNC basketball game last night which didn't start until 9pm. It was going to be a late night (I admit, we're an old married couple that goes to bed early & wakes early!) and we needed more sleep!

Well, unfortunately the game did not go how we had hoped, but it was a good idea to take this morning off anyway.

I went back to see my podiatrist yesterday before work. The good news - my right foot looks great and I don't have to wear the boot anymore! The not-so-good news - my left foot is not doing so well again and he suggested I wear the boot on that one for a week or two!

You might recall the first time I went to the podiatrist back at the beginning of October (wow I'm glad I have good insurance!), was because my left foot was hurting quite a bit. I was diagnosed with a stressed tarsal-metatarsal joint. I had never heard of that before, but let me tell you. It can be painful! It cleared up a bit just before the race and then I fractured my right foot. My left foot wasn't bothering me too much until last week. Anyway, it turns out I irritated it again - partly because it never fully healed and also because I was favoring my right foot for the past month.

I wore my awesome boot on the left foot yesterday and it definitely helped keep the pain at bay for the day. A little stiff this morning but I think it was good to take a day off from the gym. The elliptical doesn't bother it much so I'm going to stick to that for another few weeks so I can keep up my cardio. Hopefully after a week or two I'll be much better and walking free of any assistance! I can not wait for that day!!

So, the moral of the story - take care of your feet. Make sure your bones are strong and eat a healthy diet to help ensure that. Calcium and vitamin D are essential! And if you do injure your foot, go see a podiatrist right away, take an anti-inflammatory and ice!!!

Have a great day!!


B.o.B. said...

That boot does not sound fun. Sorry to hear, but hope it heals quickly. And I agree that rest days are needed!

Morgan said...

Girl you are falling apart over there!!! No Bueno!!! Take care of those tootsie's!

Jill said...

I hope you heal quickly..the Vit D and Calcium will definitely help. And lots of veggies. Hang in there!

Marathonman101108 said...

I've had to wear a boot while sleeping...foot injuries are probably the worst. Hang in there, take it easy, listen to the doc, and hopefully you'll be running again soon. I'm looking forward to reading about your future running endeavors.