Friday, December 4, 2009

Post 53

Nope. This isn't my 53rd blog post. I'm way past that by now!

Actually, Post 53 is an EMT post in Darien, Ct. that is staffed by volunteers who respond to calls 24 hrs a day, 365 days a week.

Post 53 was founded in 1970 by John Doble and and his son Bill. John and several other parents in the community wanted to teach their children about what can happen to people if they are influenced by drugs and alcohol.

The idea was to recruit high school students, train them as first responders, and allow them to respond to emergency calls. Post 53 is a self-supported organization, raising all of their funding through two main fundraisers each year. It is staffed completely by volunteer teenagers with adult advisers. The teenagers respond to thousands of calls from Darien citizens each year. They take the incoming calls, dispatch responders, drive the ambulances, assist citizens on site and take them to the hospital when necessary. The local police, hospitals, and high schools work with them. Post 53 is locally and nationally recognized for their superior program and excellent performance. And, according to their website, 88% of the 'Posties' are on either the honor or high honor roll at Darien High School.

I don't know about you, but I think this is pretty incredible. I have never heard of a program like this before. Their community depends on them and have faith in their abilities. So many communities are losing funding for their emergency responders, while it won't save jobs, perhaps some should look into following this model. It just goes to show what teenagers are capable of doing.

If you're interested in learning more, or possibly donating to their organization, you can visit their website here:

My Saturday will be a bit busy - I have a trial personal training session at a studio near Madison Square Park early in the afternoon. I've already informed her of my foot issues, and she'll work around them. I think I will stop by the Union Square Farmer's Market before hand for a few items since I'll be so close! Then, Woody and I are going out to Jersey (shocking, I know) to see the Red Wings play the Devils. We'll be rooting for Detroit, if you're wondering! Sunday will be for resting and finding the next book to read!

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Have a great weekend!


Creative Junkie said...

I've never heard of such a program but it sounds truly remarkable! I wonder how many of those teens go on to work in emergency or health fields? Anything that gets teenagers to care about their community and get involved is worth looking into.

(you were ahead of me at SITS - happy Friday!)

J said...

Post 53 sounds amazing! I love when there are good stories like that about inspiring people! have a good weekend!

Alisa said...

Never heard of Post 53 but I love hearing about the amazing things going on across this country. So many inspiring groups.

I've been to 1 hockey game in my whole life. Us west coasters just aren't that into it. =) I started to get a little into it when I lived in Boston but I'm much more into Basketball and Baseball than hockey, prob b/c I don't understand all the rules.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

I linked you in on Tuesdays post. So sorry I ran out of time to hunt for Giveaways today. I will try to add the link when I find a minute today :)

Julie said...

another ny-er!! yayy :) i go to school right over by mad sq park (baruch!) although i live on long island the best place in the world is the city haha

have fun this weekend girl :)