Monday, June 1, 2015

In Honor of National Running Day: Why I Run

In honor of National Running Day on Wednesday, June 3, I thought I might take a minute to reflect on why I run. What gets me to lace up and hit the road.

There was a time when I was quite unhealthy and lazy. I couldn't run a mile without walking and gasping for air. Sugar and chocolate were my creature comforts. I didn't really know how to take care of myself. I gave into temptation, and more often than not that temptation came in the form of something that did not nourish my body, mind, or soul. 

But then something switched. I can't put my finger on exactly what it was, but I know that I reached a point where I didn't feel good in my skin and I could see plain as day the joy on the faces of the runners in Central Park, and I wanted that feeling. Badly.

Running and I have had a tumultuous relationship - through stress fractures, PR's, surgery, and accomplishments I never thought possible. It's been a wonderful road that I hope to be on for quite a long time still. Even when I'm sidelined, I never think of hanging up my shoes because I will always be in search of that next amazing run - when the sun is shining, the air is cool, and the only sounds I hear are my feet hitting the ground and my heart doing its thing.

Running has pushed me to take care of myself, opened countless doors, and showered me with cherished memories that I'll have for a lifetime.
My parents have cheered me on at my biggest races
Exploring incredible places in Switzerland, German, France, and Canada 
Incredible friendships are made through running
Becoming part of a team has taken me to new heights
Sharing my love of running with this guy has brought us closer, ready to take on our next challenge
There are many events happening around the country for National Running Day on Wednesday - a few can be found HERE.

If you're in the Boulder/Denver/CoSprings area, you may want to join up with Boulder Running Company in Boulder, Denver, Littleton, or Colorado Springs, for their weekly Wednesday night run. 

For those in NYC, as you might guess, NYRR will be hosting a day-long celebration - go HERE for all the details.

Leave a comment if you know of other National Running Day events happening. * And tell us, why do you run?

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