Thursday, November 28, 2013

Turkey Trottin’ in Denver

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Who started the day with a Turkey Trot?! We ran our first United Way Mile High Turkey Trot today, which was the 40th annual running of the race! It was a huge event that we both enjoyed.

The crowd was huge – 10,000 registered – and the weather was beautiful! A bit chilly, especially waiting at the start, but once we were out running the sun warmed me up right away. The race goes around and in one of the biggest parks in Denver, Washington Park. Before today we had only driven around the park, so we weren’t really sure what to expect on the inside!

I did have a little Race and Learn session with this one. There are supposed to be four corrals. The fastest runners go out first, then runners who are fast but not quite as competitive, then the slower runners and lastly, the families, walkers, strollers and dogs.

Mile High Turkey Trot Start

From what I read on the website I thought I should go out in the 3rd corral and be towards the front, but once I got in there it was evident that not too many people pay attention to the distinctions. I jumped in the 2nd corral and spent the first 3/4 mile dodging walkers, a few strollers and other slower runners. Of course, this took a lot of energy so it hurt me a bit in the end, but overall it wasn’t too bad!

The crowd was pretty fantastic. There were people out on their front lawns cheering, drinking, and a few garage bands that moved out to the front yard for the morning! I think the 10:15am start time and sunny day helped to bring out the crowd and but it seemed like it’s a pretty big family tradition for a lot of people in Denver.

Two of my Oiselle teammates were there too. Laura started in the first corral and Julia was one of the awesome volunteers! I think she had one of the best spots too – she was in the beer garden! I have to say, I think that if awards were given for the best post-race beer garden, this would take the top spot! There were three local craft breweries – Renegade, Great Divide and Wynkoop – giving out free beer to all the runners (21+, of course!) And they all have great beer.

Mile High Turkey Trot Oiselle Team

Mile High Turkey Trot

Unfortunately, as of the time of the writing of this post, results weren’t yet available but the race was a great start to our first Thanksgiving in Denver! Maybe we’ll do it again next year!

Did you run on Thanksgiving? * Do you shop on Thanksgiving or Black Friday? * How are you spending the rest of your long weekend?


Lisa said...

Congratulations on your race! I've run that one twice, and each time had a similar experience - dodging strollers and walkers! I love the lawn chair observers, in the past some play music - did you have any do that for you this year? Glad you are enjoying Colorado!

Lisa said...

Beer garden at the race?? Awesome.

No black friday for me. Glad to have rested instead. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!