Saturday, October 26, 2013

Playing in the Leaves with Oiselle

Last Sunday (yes, this is a little late) I met up with Oiselle teammates Laura and Jessica, plus Laura’s husband Josh and their adorable little boy. It was pretty cold out in City Park and there were very few spectators for the Rock ‘n Roll Denver Marathon (half marathon, relay, etc). I was pretty shocked how empty it was and felt bad for the runners. I guess I’m still used to the NYC Marathon and even the weekly NYRR races in Central Park bring out a lot of spectators. I have a sneaky feeling it’s because people in the city just didn’t know it was happening. There was hardly anything on the news about it during the week leading up to the race, no signs throughout town and not even much notice about street closures (which seems to be a habit in this town when it comes to any races).


But we were out there and I had a cowbell in hand! Our new teammate, Julia, was racing and we saw her twice since we were in one of the best spots on the course and caught her on an out and back. She looked great in her Oiselle singlet and was all smiles!

JuliaPhoto Credit: Josh Hugo

 After watching and cheering, we had a little Oiselle Team photo shoot, courtesy of Laura’s husband, Josh the Photographer.

Running in City ParkPhoto Credit: Josh Hugo

It’s a good thing we were running slow for the camera or else I’d never be able to keep up with these fast ladies!

Oiselle Team in City Park, DenverPhoto Credit: Josh Hugo

Jessica and I contemplate how to get warm fast as we show off our spike bags!

Oiselle Spike BagPhoto Credit: Josh Hugo

City Park PondPhoto Credit: Josh Hugo

Check it out, Laura can jump!

Leaves!Photo Credit: Josh Hugo

Behind-the-scenes shot. It was so cold!

Behind the Scenes

Fun way to spend the morning. Definitely much better than the rest of my day as I ended up on the couch feeling miserable. Thankfully I’m feeling better now and had a great run this morning!

What is keeping you busy this weekend? * Do you spectate races or just run them?


Lisa said...

Loving these pictures and really loving that Oiselle many of my favorite running friends run for Oiselle! Awesome!

Lisa said...

Love the running pictures. I think it's so great when a friend is along the route getting great pictures. It always fun to look back and remember how you were feeling at that point. Also, so jealous over your move there. I'm in central Virginia and love the cold and snow and we don't get nearly I think I'm living in the wrong Love your blog.

Lisa said...

Josh is going to love that you gave him photo credit! I had so much fun running through the leaves with you and look forward to the next Oiselle meetup. To answer your question, I spectate AND run the races :-) I agree with you though, after running a marathon major, it would be really tough to be on a course like the Denver Rock & Roll, pounding out mile after mile without crowds to pump you up.

Lisa said...

Josh did such a great job with the photos! Thanks for getting us together, hopefully we can do it again soon!

Lisa said...

Thanks for stopping by, Lisa! We've definitely been enjoying our time here since we moved and are looking forward to our first winter here! We're not skiers but are planning to get snow shoes!

Lisa said...

Oiselle is great! I'm honored, and thankful, to be part of the team!