Saturday, June 22, 2013

Only A Few Days Left As a New Yorker

It’s been so long and a lot has happened since I last wrote that I had to go back and see what the post was about! Oakley Mini 10K. Yep, that was a good day!

Since then, most of my life has been occupied by packing, working, sleeping, packing, seeing friends, working out and wrapping up other loose ends before we leave. At this point, Saturday morning, our apartment is mostly packed into boxes with only some kitchen stuff and clothes left to go. We started the process a couple weeks ago so we would be able to enjoy our last few days and wouldn’t be up till the wee hours of the morning stuffing things anywhere they’d fit (we did that last time we moved and it wasn’t fun). Woody turned in our cable boxes yesterday so we have no cable or internet at this point, which means I’m in our building’s lounge leeching off the free WiFi.


Thursday was my last day at work, which was both exciting and sad. While I’m ready to do something new with my career, I’ve made some great friends and will miss them quite a bit. When things are comfortable, I tend to fall into a routine and for the most part, know what to expect, so in a way, it’s pretty easy. Moving to Denver and starting a new job (oh yeah, I have a job!) is a bit scary because there are so many unknowns. The firm I’m joining has some innovative ideas when it comes to corporate culture which I’m looking forward to. this should be interesting.

If you follow me on Instagram, you likely saw some of my pictures yesterday from my tour of Manhattan. After going to the gym and packing a few boxes, I had a few errands to run. It was a beautiful day and I ended up walking a few miles trying to soak up the city. Let’s see, I hit SoHo (dropped off a bag of donations to the Housing Works Bookstore), the Upper East Side, Central Park, the Upper West Side, and Midtown before heading back to FiDi. One thing I will miss about this city is how walkable it is. My typical commute the past few years would let me walk to/from Grand Central to my office, which would be somewhere between 1.5 and 2 miles round trip and walking along Park Avenue was actually very calming and a great way to start or end the day. Before that though, I would walk from the Upper East Side through Central Park to work. That was beautiful. One night last week though, I ended up walking down to Union Square before picking up the subway, which was well over 2 miles but felt like nothing. I never knew how much I loved to walk until I moved here and started spending my weekends walking around the city exploring. It is the best way to get to know a new place, or even a place you’ve lived in for years! I really hope that by living in Denver, we’ll be able to walk most places we need to go.

Central Park Bethesda Fountain

I’m meeting up with Grace and April in a bit for one more fitness class before I go, and just possibly some Sangria and guacamole. I have promised myself I won’t get too emotional. I know I’ll see these amazing women again, and hopefully not too long from now. I do wish though, that I could pack them up and bring them with me. Okay, I know that sounds weird but you get what I mean!

Last night after he got home from work, Woody said to me: “I have some bad news. Tonight it really sunk in that we’re moving and it made me sad.” This coming from the guy who never gets sad. I know he had a lot of reservations about moving out here when he did – leaving is friends, job and house. In a way it makes me happy that he ended up enjoying this so much that it makes him a little sad to leave, but it’s pretty hard to say goodbye and leave what we’ve built here. We are fortunate though that this is our choice. We decided to leave NYC and move to Denver and we are excited about what’s to come. I know we have a lot of adventures ahead of us and we’ll always have great memories from our time here and friends to visit. We may be leaving NYC, but we will never be done with this city. It will always be a special place for us.

Okay, now I’ve rambled so long and have to leave to meet Grace and April. I hope to post again before we go and if we’re lucky and get hotel rooms with WiFi along the way, I’ll be posting about our roadtrip adventure. Follow me on Instagram for updates from the road. I’m sure you’ll love seeing me drive a 16ft. Penske truck. That should be interesting….

How are you spending your weekend?

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Lisa said...

I'm a few days behind, but this post just made me sad because you have now left NYC. :(

I wish you would've packed me and taken me with you too :)

But we shall see each other again soon. And it will be like no time has passed.