Thursday, May 2, 2013

Taste Test at Chobani SoHo

Tuesday was my Birthday. Another year done, another year ahead! The agency I work for gifts us our Birthday off (or a day right around it) so I took the day off and decided to take Monday off as well for a nice four day weekend! I had lunch plans with a friend till she texted me last week to see if instead, I wouldn’t mind meeting her at 8am for a little tasting session. There was no way I could turn this down because the tasting session was at Chobani SoHo! She had recently taken a job for the company that makes the most amazingly delicious Greek yogurt!

Chobani SoHo Cafe

I’ve been to Chobani SoHo before, and have written about it HERE so I was familiar with the café but excited to taste flavors I haven’t tried before. Chobani SoHo opened in July of last year for the brand to interact with its loyal and enthusiastic fans. (I’m sure a few are reading this post!)

I met up with Jess and a few of her colleagues who also took part in the tasting. If you haven’t been to the café, the space is beautiful, airy and open even though it is a bit small. The design team used reclaimed wood, aged-steel and concrete, which is quite modern and sleek, but also reminds me a bit of Upstate New York, where the company was founded by its CEO, Hamdi Ulukaya. A few minutes after we arrived, this beautiful tray of Chobani creations appeared!

Chobani creations

My candid thoughts about these creations.

I’ve had the pistachio + chocolate (top middle) and still love it. Of course, I love all the ingredients so why wouldn’t I love this?

I always choose sweet over savory, but the smoked salmon + dill – a seasonal flavor which will be around for a little while longer – was delicious. And on a bagel chip, it’s insane.

Chobani Salmon & Dill

The other seasonal flavor, grapefruit + mint was beautifully refreshing. I would totally pick this to enjoy on a hot summer afternoon.

The Fig + Walnut and Pineapple + Toasted Coconut also ranked high on my list.

The Strawberry + Granola was good, but also a bit generic. Not as creative as some of the others.

I hear there are some awesomely delicious new seasonal flavors in the works, which means another trip to the café is in my future. Also, since I was last there, they introduced a second size, so you can get the half or full size, depending on how much deliciousness you are in the mood for!

Chobani recipes

Beyond the delicious Greek yogurt creations, what I love most about this place is the great packaging. Whether you get yours to stay or to go, it comes in a glass bowl and covered with a linen cloth meant to remind customers of the authentic, centuries old straining process that Chobani uses to make its yogurt so delicious. Other ways they promote sustainability is through the wooden spoons, reusable bags, and menu and recipe cards that are printed on recycled paper. Oh, while I do have four Chobani bowls in my cupboard, if you return yours, you get a coupon for 25 cents off your next creation.

This was such a fun way to start off an incredible Birthday and I can’t thank Jess enough for inviting me (she knows I’m a huge fan) and for her colleagues welcoming me!

Chobani SoHo Tasting

How do you usually eat your Greek yogurt? What do you have in store for the weekend?


Lisa said...

These look delicious! I usually eat mine totally plain, but I should really get more creative.

Lisa said...

I'm SOOOOOO jealous. I wish I was a tester for Chobani!

I love eating my Chobani greek yogurt (exclusively) with a little bit of peanut butter and fresh berries - a mini pb&j! Or I dust chocolate protein powder on top for the extra protein...not that anyone needs that much protein cuz there's a lot already packed into one Chobani cup.

Lisa said...

We're so glad you could just us for a tasting! It sounds like the most delicious way possible to kick off a birthday. :) Have a wonderful weekend!

Amy, @Chobani