Sunday, May 26, 2013

Our Seven Hour Walk Through Manhattan

After a week of absolutely gross weather – wind, rain, cold, humidity – the sun finally came out Sunday morning. It was a beautiful sight for sure!

I started the day with a fantastic run through Soho and Tribeca, a route I’ve never taken. Eight o’clock Sunday morning of a holiday weekend means there is no one out on the streets so it’s perfect time for a run. If only I had taken my phone with me to capture the beauty of it.

With such a fantastic day I convinced Woody, pretty easily, that we couldn’t stay inside so we headed to Chelsea for a visit to the Highline Park. Of course, it was packed with tourists but it was beautiful and great to see how the trees and plants have really grown. It’s a really awesome little treasure that should not be missed. (Just don’t expect to walk to quickly through it) Of course, we stopped by Chelsea Market to see what’s new and there were actually a number of new food vendors that look great!

Highline Park

Our trip to the Highline Park turned into a 7 hour walk through lower Manhattan. One thing I love about this city is how one neighborhood just melts into another and then another and you can find cute streets, interesting shops and randomness everywhere along the way.

From the Highline we walked through the West Village and stumbled on the coolest hat shop, Goorin Bros. where Woody found a new hat.

 Goorin Bros.

Shopping at Goorin Bros

Our walk took us further into us further through the village with stops for tea at McNulty’s and peanut butter at Peanut Butter & Co. and some nourishment from Sugar and Plumm.

sugar and plumm

Along the way we saw these guys singing on the street.

Doowop in the Village

We eventually made our way to Soho and stopped at Hampton Chutney Co. for dinner – dosas and orange ginger iced tea. Delish.

Hampton Chutney Co.

After dinner we ended up walking home, another mile or so. It’s amazing how much you can walk in this city. I’m so thankful for this city and the fact that you can leave your apartment with one place in mind and end up walking for hours and hours and discover incredible things. I’m also thankful for this long weekend and to finally get a day of beautiful weather so we can enjoy it!

City Hall Subway

How are you spending your holiday weekend?

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