Tuesday, April 23, 2013



Last night I joined a few hundred other runners in Central Park for a run to honor the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings, the runners of the Boston Marathon and the city of Boston. We came together as part of the global #BostonStrong movement – bringing runners together in communities across the globe.

Thankfully I had jury duty today so I had no trouble getting to Central Park and meeting up with other Oiselle Team NYC birds, some of whom know Boston intimately and have run the storied race.

Oiselle Birds NYC

It was a great evening of camaraderie, community and a show of strength and determination. Runners are an interesting group. We tend to have weird sleeping, eating and everything routines. We may forgo fun Friday nights out with friends in order to get a few hours of shut eye so we can wake up before dawn on a Saturday morning to go out and run 14 miles. We may wear compression socks under our dress pants to work on occasion. And we may not be so good at math until it comes to pacing and mileage. But for all our quirks, we are a great community that stands, and runs, together in times of joy and sorrow. I was honored to take part in the #BostonStrongNYC run.




What do you love most about the running community? Were you able to participate in a Boston tribute run yesterday or over the weekend?


Lisa said...

I love the support and universal acceptance of all runners. It's heaven! Sad i missed the run but I was there in spirit.

Lisa said...

It looks like it was such a great day to get out and be in the company of other runners...I had to work and was sad that I missed it! Running by myself has given me time to reflect as well on what happened.

I love how runners are....just runners. We don't care if our PRs are hours apart, how much money we make...we just care about those final pushes in a race, the hard work that goes into training. We all get it, and it brings us together.