Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Day After

BlogHer is done, back to regular life. I’m exhausted and have a ton to get done today, but I’m so glad I took advantage of the fact that the conference was here this year and went. With over 5,000 attendees, plus staff and exhibitors, the Hilton was buzzing. Thankfully, the conference organizers turned one men’s restroom on each floor into another women’s restroom so the lines weren’t so long! Makes sense when the ratio was probably somewhere around 90% women to 10% men.

I met some great people, including my Oiselle teammate, Lynda (find her at Hit the Road Jane) and learned a ton. We heard great keynote interviews with Martha Stewart and Katie Couric. I have a ton of things I want to do now, and have already linked my blog to Google Analytics (I know, why had I not done this before?!) and started a Facebook fan page for this here blog. You can become a fan HERE. There’s not much there yet, but that won’t last too long, especially with all the Olympic news coming out of London.

I do have to say though, while I learned a lot and met some great people and put the most random assortment of food samples into my stomach, I do think a good portion of the conference was geared towards mom bloggers and that if I go to another conference, which I hope that I do, it will be a health/fitness conference such as FIT Bloggin’ or the Healthy Living Summit.

Oiselle represents in NYC!!

I was in the last session of the day yesterday it seemed everyone on my Twitter feed was watching the men’s 10,000m final. It was blowing up even though the connection at the Hilton was miserable. I wish I had gotten to see the full race. Thankfully I saw a replay of the last lap a few times. Seriously, what a finish! Can’t imagine what it would have been to actually be there.

Did anyone wake up for the 6am ET start of the women’s marathon this morning? I have to admit, I didn’t. But I did turn it on as soon as our alarm went off at 7:10am and watched it till we had to leave for the gym. I had planned to go for a run but when I realized the marathon would be on I opted for the gym so I could watch from the treadmill. It was so sad to watch Shalane and Kara fall back and know that Desiree had already pulled out. But, it was a hard fought race and the American women are amazing. I hope they’re doing okay.

Track & Field is up this afternoon. Who do you think will win the men’s 100m?

By the way, NYRR opened registration for Fall races last week in case you want to sign up. I signed up for three so I don’t have to worry about them filling up while I’m not looking! Let me know if you sign-up for any of these, or the 5th Ave Mile, which I signed up for before!

  • September 15: FITNESS Mind, Body, Spirit games (4M)
  • October 28: Poland Spring Marathon Kick-off (5M)
  • November 18: Race to Deliver (4M)

Let me know what you want to see on the new Early Morning Run Facebook page!


Today’s workout -

  • 50 min elliptical
  • 3x10 lat pull down
  • 3x10 upright row
  • 100 ab exercises
  • 2x10 box step ups
  • bosu ball balance
  • 3x10 squats
  • stretching

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