Monday, August 20, 2012

Running the Streets of New York

On Friday I wrote about Summer Streets. Woody and I were really looking forward to it because it was the last of the year and we didn’t want to miss it. Unfortunately, Mother Nature wasn’t cooperating. It was dark and gloomy when we woke up but Dana Freeze, the meteorologist for the local ABC affiliate, said the rain was light and was moving out of the area. From what we could tell by sticking our arms out the window, she seemed right. So, we got ready and headed out. As soon as we got outside though, we realized it wasn’t light at all. It was actually raining pretty hard.

After a short debate and me almost backing out but then remembering that it could always rain on race day, I pulled it together and we were off. Woody declared “this is the last hurrah, it’s going to stop soon” a few times along the way as the rain grew harder. You know, once you’re wet, you’re wet, so you might as well embrace it! We just went with it and I actually was having a pretty great run. There were quite a few people out on the streets but definitely not as many as the week before. It was kind of nice, but I felt bad for all the volunteers in their ponchos getting soaking wet. I said thank you to each one we ran by.

Last week we just ran to Central Park but this time we ran through the Helmsley Building and around Grand Central to the north part of Park Avenue and turned around at 48th St to head back downtown. We stopped to take some pictures. The rain stopped around here too.

Summer Streets 2012

As the rain stopped it started to warm up a bit and we dried off a bit. I had forgotten to take my handheld water bottle but thankfully it wasn’t too hot so the NYC Water stops were enough to keep us going. On the way back downtown we stopped at the Whole Foods picnic area to check things out. My colleagues and I are super excited about the opening of a new Whole Foods right near our office on Thursday. It will seriously change the food situation in the neighborhood!

We decided to end our run at the SoHo stop and then look for a place to have breakfast. Even though my legs had stiffened up a little after our little detour, I still felt really good. Who knew that rain would be the key for a great run? I think it was the best I’ve had in a long time.

We walked around a bit and finally decided to go to Café Habana because we hadn’t been there for a while and there were two seats at the counter. We were still slightly damp so I felt a little awkward, but they didn’t seem to care. I’m sure they’ve seen weirder things walk in their door; like the guy who sat next to us and ordered steak and eggs (medium rare) and a margarita on the rocks. I chose huevos con chorizo with black beans and coffee. Thankfully Woody helped me with it because I couldn’t come close to finishing it after we had just finished running. Still, it was delish.


By now the weather was absolutely perfect. The sun had come out and it was cool with no humidity. A perfectly beautiful morning! What started pretty nasty, turned out to be the best morning all summer. It was fantastic! We walked home along the Summer Streets route so we ended up at Foley Square where there were a ton of activities going on. Asphalt Green had this whole area set up.


You know, that test in gym where you have to do sit-ups, push-ups, jumps, etc to see how fit you are? We stopped in awe when we saw this guy just ripping out 28 pull-ups like it was the easiest thing ever. He then did about 100 push-ups. Crazy strong guy. Of course this meant Woody had to see if he could beat the guy’s record. Well, the guy hadn’t just eaten a breakfast and a half with two cups of coffee, but Woody was next in line anyway. He did 25. Not bad at all! He’s a pretty strong guy.


Once again, Summer Streets was incredible and I cannot begin to explain how glad I am that I didn’t back out but that I went running in the rain and got soaking wet. This was just the start of what turned out to be one of the best days of the summer.


  • What are your weekend highlights?

Summer Streets topped my weekend, but Ice Cream Sunday at New Amsterdam Market was pretty cool too.

  • Running in the rain – yes or no?

Yes, now!

  • What’s your favorite thing to order at brunch?

I usually order eggs, but love really delish pancakes or French toast every once in a while!


Today’s Workout -

  • 40 min elliptical
  • 3x10 lateral arm raise
  • 3x10 lat pulldown
  • 3x10 tricep pushdown
  • ab exercises
  • stretching


Christyruns said...

25 pullups is pretty superb! My favorite thing at brunch is an omelet with cheese and green peppers. Yum!

Lisa_earlymorningrun said...

I love green peppers and feta in omelets. Yum! I'll let Woody know you said that - he likes a little positive reinforcement!

Michelle D said...

It rained in the Boston area too on Saturday - Love running in the rain! Turned out to be one of the best long runs I've had in a while :)

J (Morning Runner) said...

I don't really like running in the rain, but sometimes during the summer when its warm I like it. I think I just hate wet sneakers. Glad you decided to go out for your run!

Lisa_earlymorningrun said...

Glad you had a great run too!

Lisa_earlymorningrun said...

I agree, wet sneakers can be a drag, but sometimes it's worth it!

gracekelle said...

I love that Woody did 25 pull ups. Your husband is amazing. And you know I love eggs too :) I love oatmeal, but hate paying for it at a restaurant!