Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sun Before the Rain

While it’s been raining off and on this afternoon, it was beautiful this morning. After the gym, Woody and I decided to take the long way home and walk along the East River then make breakfast and enjoy it on the balcony all the building tenants get to share. It’s a nice balcony that we could take better advantage of. The space lacks umbrellas, so it can get pretty hot in the mid-day if you’re not in the shade, but it was beautiful out and cool this morning!


Woody was a little camera shy this morning and pretty intent on digging into his breakfast. We’ve picked up a ton of fresh fruit this weekend so he had a big bowl of strawberries, mango, banana and grapes topped with flaxseed, plus an English muffin with PB and fig butter from Trader Joe’s. I had my usual yogurt mess – the same fruit plus chia, Greek yogurt, granola and a dab of PB. We also both had Caribou Coffee and blackcurrant juice from Red Jacket Orchard.

When we got into the elevator this morning heading to the gym, a guy joined us who was heading to the balcony with his newspaper and coffee. When he got off, Woody and I both agreed it would be nice not to be so tied to our routine – always going to the gym – and to be able to get up, grab coffee and a paper and just sit, relax and enjoy the beautiful weather. Well, I guess today we kind of did both. Nice compromise.

It was a beautiful morning and I really wanted to take advantage of it with a run, but I’ve been battling a cold for over a week and running would not mix well with the cold at this stage. I haven’t run since last Monday which is both depressing and annoying. I’m able to workout at the gym though, so I’ve been focusing on building my leg strength and balance. This is going really well and I think it help when I am able to run again. Which will hopefully be soon since I’m registered for the Portugal Day race on the 17th!

I admit, this is really random, but we were at the DayLife event on Orchard St on the Lower East Side this afternoon before it started raining and caught this DJ prodigy. At 8 years old, he’s cooler than I’ll ever be!


  • What have you been up to this weekend?
  • Are you addicted to House Crashers and House Hunters like I am?
  • What are you looking forward to this week?


Today’s workout -

  • 45min elliptical
  • 3x10 lat pull down
  • 3x10 squats
  • 4x bosu ball single leg balancing
  • 3x10 upright row
  • 100 ab exercises
  • 1x50sec plank
  • 3x10 side bends
  • 3x10 leg press
  • stretching


Misszippy1 said...

The deck sounds wonderful! And hitting the gym, then enjoying breakfast outside sounds perfect to me. Way to take advantage of it. This weekend's weather was spectacular here--spent most of it watching the kids' lax and soccer games!

I love House Hunters!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

I am addicted to House Hunters International! I love it and start dreaming of the house I'm going to buy on a Caribbean Island...after I strike it rich, of course!

Susan said...

Breakfast sounded delicious!

Brazil Butt Lift said...

Sounds like an intense workout. I like the squats mixed with the single leg balancing. Seems like a nice butt toning workout !