Sunday, June 24, 2012

My New Hill

If you read the post below, you know that last Sunday was not a good day for me. It was tough and I’m still pretty annoyed about it, but I’m also moving on. Today I actually had a really great workout that has re-energized me.

I only did a 30 minute run before I hit the gym, but I targeted hills. When we lived on the UES and I trained in Central Park regularly, I had no trouble with hills. They were more afraid of me, than I was with them. But since moving down here I’ve lost my touch. I rather run along the river, where it’s flat, than on the crowded, smelly streets that are actually pretty hilly. Well, that’s over.

I started my run with an easy flat, out and back and then went for the hills. Wasn’t great at first, but by the end I was focused and feeling stronger. I actually ended my run in a different spot than usual because our regular gym is closed on Sunday and we have to go to one a little farther away, and turns out, there’s an awesome hill right there, kind of hidden out of the way. It’s a really long block, wide sidewalk, and very few pedestrians. Didn’t take me long to realize it was perfect for repeats. Because it’s really long, I chose to start half way up and did three repeats. This is my new hill.

The plan is (which has absolutely no science behind it, just seems reasonable to me) to attack this hill at least twice a week. Start with four repeats and add distance every two weeks. I’m also going to add more hills into my regular runs, but I think this is going to make me much stronger. I felt great after my workout today. It must be a good sign. Right?

In other news, I ate a ton of cheese today at the New Amsterdam Market cheese & dairy fair. It was awesome. While it was great to see a ton of people there, and that more people are discovering the market, I hope it doesn’t get as crazy as Hester Street Fair. Can’t wait for Ice Cream Sunday in August!

If you haven’t been watching the Olympic Trials from Eugene, you really should. So compelling and exciting to watch amazing athletes fight to get their spot on the US Olympic Track & Field Team! I do not think NBC is giving enough TV time for this either. Just an hour on tonight? Definitely not enough! Want to get the inside scoop on the trials? Follow the ladies of Oiselle, Sally and Sarah, who are there all week!

  • How did your workouts go this weekend?
  • Have you been watching the trials? Ashton Eaton’s world record? Awesome, right?
  • What’s your favorite Olympic event?


Today’s workout -

  • 30min run
  • 3 hill repeats
  • 3x12 lat pull down
  • 3x15 weighted side bends
  • 2x15 upright row
  • 3x10 back extension
  • 100 ab exercises
  • 15min elliptical
  • stretching


Amanda Loudin said...

Great approach! You'll get really strong from this. I love where I Iive b/c hills are a part of every run, so I'm never afraid of them when I race. Now when I want easy and flat, however, that's a problem!

Lisa_earlymorningrun said...

Thanks for the encouragement!

Lrios428 said...

I LOVE running hills, but that's just because I hate it so much! It's hard and I know that I am getting stronger.

I did watch Eaton!! How amazing was that?? I was screaming at the TV!