Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Love Packing

When I was young, I would spend a lot of time putting together packing lists whenever we were going on a trip. Growing up in Michigan, most of these trips were either going to our cottage Up North, traveling to New Jersey to visit my Grandparents or, in middle school and high school, going to band camp in the summer (yes, I went to band camp). I spent a lot of time planning what to take with me when we went camping out West for a month when I was in middle school, then in high school when I went to Europe one summer. My mom might correct me here, but I think the only time I really made lists like this was when I was getting ready for a trip. Looking back on it, I think I spent so much time and effort planning what to pack because I was so excited about the trip. I think I loved traveling, whether a weekend trip to the cottage or a trip to another continent, even when I was a kid.

Traveling brings new adventures and new understandings. It’s a chance to escape the normal routine and learn something new. I haven’t been out of NYC since February. It hurts to even write that. I can’t believe it’s been that long, but it explains why I’ve been so easily irritated lately. I find myself even more annoyed than usual with the person who rushes on the subway car before anyone can get off or who decides it’s okay to stand on the left side of the escalator even though that’s clearly the side for people who want to keep moving. I need to get away.

Thankfully, it’s happening this weekend! Woody is picking me up from work tomorrow and we’re heading out of town! You see, Saturday is a pretty special day for us. It’s our 5th anniversary! We decided to celebrate with a long weekend in the Finger Lakes region. We plan to spend the weekend exploring wineries, little lake side towns and a state park or two. Oh, and a lot of R&R. I’m hoping to get in a run or two as well.

Well, it’s getting late. Gotta finish packing and go to sleep! Hitting the gym in the morning!


  • Do you like to travel?
  • What’s one item you can’t go on a trip without?


Today’s workout -

  • 45min elliptical
  • 3x10 upright row
  • 3x10 lateral arm raise
  • 3x10 step ups
  • 3x10 single leg bosu ball balance
  • 125 ab exercises
  • 1x50sec plank
  • stretching


Christine @ BookishlyB said...

I love to travel, but man I hate packing (almost as much as unpacking). I always, always bring a few a books with me and all my chargers (lame but true).

Suzanne Westenhofer said...

Have a great weekend!

Lisa @ Jogging on Coffee said...

I love to travel! I actually like packing cause it's part of the excitment but it takes me forever to unpack once I get home. Happy anniversary, have a great weekend :)

Susan said...

I love to travel! I wish I did it more. Happy Anniversary! Can't wait to hear about your trip.

Alexander Brandon said...

we have boot camp training and we travel locally but it is very fun!

Milam said...

I love to travel, but man I hate packing (almost as much as unpacking). I always, always bring a few a books with me and all my chargers (lame but true).