Friday, March 16, 2012

Five for Friday

  1. If you haven’t heard, March Madness is officially ON! I have three brackets going in the company pool and I’m not doing so well. I’m gonna have to blame Woody though; before he left for his latest trip to Atlanta he helped me make my picks for two of them and those are the ones that are doing the worst! Oh well. All that really matters is that MSU wins. We play tonight at 9:20pm. Hope you’ll be watching!
  2. I’m seeing a nutritionist this morning. My sports doctor recommended it and I’ve wanted to meet with one anyway. Hopefully she’ll be able to help me reach my goals: drop the weight I’ve gained through multiple injuries, follow a diet that will support and strengthen my bones and also in line with my activity levels. I feel like I eat well, but I know I can do better and this is what I need. I’m really looking forward to this and wonder how it’ll change our visit to Trader Joe’s tomorrow!
  3. It was 73 degrees here on Tuesday. As amazing as that was, it’s weird. It’s still March. I didn’t have to wear a jacket to the gym the other morning at 5:30 because it was so warm. Perfect running weather. Running…something I haven’t done since I tried a few weeks ago. I want to get out there again this weekend, even though it still won’t be for much of a distance. I am definitely feeling stronger with each workout so my extended recovery seems to be going well! However, I won’t be running any long distances for a while.
  4. Speaking of which, this Sunday is the NYC Half Marathon. The route is a little different this year as the runners don’t have to do 1.5 loops of Central Park anymore and instead of finishing on the West Side Highway near Battery Park, it’s ending on the Eastside just south of South Street Seaport! It’s coming right near our apartment! Too bad we can’t watch it from our window, but I’ll be out there cheering. I’m so excited for everyone running. It’ll be a gorgeous day and I hope they have fun in our neighborhood!
  5. This week I’ve been reminded that just by stepping a little outside the box can remind you of great things. Recently I started taking a different route to work and walking a bit out of the way. Instead of taking some crowded, dirty and loud streets I’ve been taking Park Ave. Then the other night I got to visit with Grace and walked to Times Square before getting on the subway. Even though I’m not usually a fan of Times Square, it, along with Park Ave and Grand Central is a whole different world; one that reminds me how much I love the romantic New York that dreams are made of.



  • Are you cheering for any particular team in the NCAA tourney?
  • What are you looking forward to this weekend?


Today’s workout -

  • None. I needed sleep so I took today as a rest day.


Lauren said...

Yay for you seeing a nutritionist, can't wait to read your posts about it. I'll be out of town for the half too bad, seems like a lot of hype this year for it.

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