Thursday, November 17, 2011

It Just Snuck Up on Me

I realized yesterday that the holiday season starts a week from today. Well, as far as I’m concerned the holiday season starts with Thanksgiving, although it started about two months ago for most retailers. Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s totally annoyed by how retailers skip holidays and put out the Christmas decorations before Halloween. I mean, we’re always in such a rush to get through life, shouldn’t we enjoy it a little?

Woody and I had a really great time in Denver over the weekend! It was nice to get out of the city for a few days and …. go to another city! Seriously though, we stayed with my aunt and uncle who showed us all over the city. They know the best restaurants and sights, and they can definitely grill a fantastic salmon! I wish I had been able to run as there are running trails everywhere! While it was too windy for a visit to Vail on Sunday (I had no idea they get 100mph winds there!) we did take a trip into the mountains with a stop in Estes Park for lunch and fudge and a little turn through Rocky Mountain National Park. I think we would have been perfectly happy to stay another week, although by then I’m also sure we would have worn out our welcome. Still, we had a fantastic time and I hope I get back there again soon.


In the lobby of The Stanley Hotel (apparently they filmed a movie here?)


Elk by the side of the road in some guys front yard!

I really need to start taking more pictures on our weekend trips. I love to travel, and if I have anything to say about anything, we’ll be doing a lot of it over the years. And I want a good record of our adventures. 2012 Resolution: Take more pictures

We are staying in the city for Thanksgiving, like every year, and since the holiday apparently snuck up on me I’ll be spending this weekend figuring out our first gluten free Thanksgiving and cooking a dish for my company Thanksgiving potluck on Monday!

Because this is still a running blog and you’ve read this far in the post, I have one piece of running news for you. Penny, from Splits59, a women’s active wear company, is sponsoring two women to run the LA Marathon in 2012. Two winners will be chosen on December 1st, to receive not only paid registration for the race, but also gear from Splits59. If you’re interested, click HERE to register for the drawing.

  • Are you the one in your family and group of friends who always has a camera at the ready or do you sometimes miss capturing memories like I do?
  • Are you staying home or traveling for Thanksgiving?
  • What’s the one Thanksgiving dish you can’t go without?


Morgan said...

I LOVE Colorado!!! I get so excited for my yearly visits to my Dad over Thanksgiving. How awesome is the Stanley? I was obsessed with the movie so I was so excited to visit it. It looks like you had a great trip!!!

Rach @ Girl on the Run said...

Glad you had a great trip! I tend to forget to take pictures as well - although having an iphone has helped a bit.

Beth Shaw said...

they filmed The Shining at the Stanley! how cool you got to see it. Steven King stayed there and that's where the inspiration came from. So jealous!

Glad you had such an awesome trip.

Beth Shaw said...

This is B.o.B. i don't know how to work your blog. LOL

Misszippy said...

I love Denver and Estes Park! Really, all endurance athletes should live out there, I think! And I am like you...bad about the camera. It's always an afterthought, which doesn't work so well w/ blogging!

Yes! I hate going into stores this time of year!!