Friday, October 28, 2011

Five for Friday

1. My friend Grace is hosting a new monthly women’s networking event, Sweet Talk, here in the city. Because it’s bound to be a huge success, I want you to be able to get in on it right away (before it becomes so popular there are wait lists)! The first one is next Saturday (Nov 5) from 5-7pm at The Fulton, a hot new restaurant on Fulton St downtown. Check out here blog [HERE] for all the details!

2.  I’m thinking about changing my Twitter handle from @EarlyMorningRun Why? Because I tweet about more than just running, and want it to represent my professional side as well. Most Twitter handles that include my name are already taken, so here are a few that are possibilities. I need your advice!

@Lisa_EMR @LisaA_EMR @LisaA_NYC @LisaAlcorn @LisaAlcornEMR @LisaAlcorn_EMR

Thoughts? Other suggestions?

3. We all know the NYCM is coming up. Fast. Here are a few interesting articles that have popped up recently:

Grete Waitz, Fred Lebow 1st inductees into New York Road Runner Hall of Fame (Washington Post)

Road Runners to Attempt Sports Social Media Milestone at NYC Marathon (Mobile Sports Report)

How To 'Endure' the Taper: Countdown to the New York City Marathon (Huffington Post)

Now, NYCM is not the only marathon happening. The Marine Corps Marathon is this Sunday in our nation’s capitol! I’ve heard fantastic things about this race.

4. Two weeks from today Woody and I will be on a plane to Denver!! I’m so excited about our trip, even though they got a few inches of snow Wednesday and was 18 degrees there Thursday morning (crazy)! We’re actually visiting my Aunt and Uncle who I rarely get to see, so it’ll be great to catch up and explore the city.

5. Unless you’ve jumped a few holidays and are focused on Christmas like most retailers have, you know that Monday is Halloween. I was thrilled a couple weeks ago to find out that the woman in the cube next to me also is not a fan of Halloween. I think in this city we’re in the minority group on this one. While I’m not big on costumes however, I do love the candy! If you’re g-free like me, here is an extensive list of g-free candy from

  • What should I change my Twitter handle to? Have you ever changed yours?
  • Do you love reading about marathons and big races? Are you racing MCM or NYCM? Or another race coming up?
  • If you’ve been to Denver, do you have any suggestions for our trip?
  • Are you dressing up for Halloween? What’s the most creative costume you’ve worn, or seen?
  • What’s your favorite candy?

Have a fantastic weekend!


Jessica said...

I like @LisaAlcorn_EMR. Professional, but still tied to your passion for running :-)

I'm not doing either NYCM or MCM, but I've done MCM several times and it is a fantastic race! I saw a guy juggle the ENTIRE course! (Yes, he passed me.)

Not a big fan of dressing up, but a HUGE fan of candy, pretty much anything chocolate.

LisaAlcorn said...

I've heard about running-jugglers. I just can't comprehend how it's possible! Just running takes all the mental stamina I have!

And it's all about chocolate for me too!