Thursday, June 23, 2011

Weekend Getaway!

I am so psyched this morning!

After work tonight Woody and I are heading down South for a weekend in Raleigh! It's probably one of the most random trips we've taken together. One Fall we went to Connecticut for a weekend to explore and take in the beautiful Fall colors, but usually we have family to visit or a specific reason for travel. I guess Raleigh might not seem like the most logical place for a weekend getaway, but we're really excited none the less. We've never been and we want to explore parts of the country we're not familiar with. Our big trip this summer will be a week in Seattle next month, but we wanted another weekend away, and this will do the trick!

We've been doing a bit of research, trying to figure out where we want to go and what we want to see, but a lot of our weekend will just happen as it comes. We are packing our running shoes and will go running at least once. Hey, with all the local Southern food we're bound to enjoy while we're there, we have to get a little sweat on. I have seen there are quite a few farmer's markets in the area, and those are on our lists since over the last few years we've visited a market on almost every trip we've gone on!

While we're heading to the airport from work, I still plan on packing a small bag of healthy snacks, including bananas for Friday morning so we're not starved by the time we find breakfast. I think the thing I miss the most when I travel is fresh fruit. While it's getting easier to find fruit at restaurants, it can still be difficult, or just plain expensive. Thankfully our hotel room will have a small fridge and since we'll have a car we can stop at a grocery store and/or farmers market to pick up some fresh fruit and healthy snacks. As much as I love trying local cuisines, if I stray too far away from my usual habits, I just don't have as much energy to enjoy the trip as I would otherwise.

Well, it's really foggy this morning and there's a good chance of rain and storms today, so I'm crossing my fingers that they are just quick passing summer showers and we don't have any trouble getting out tonight. Either way, check back tomorrow for my weekly 5 for Friday post to send you into the weekend!
  • Do you have any must haves when you travel?
  • How do you (or, do you?) stay active while on vacation?
  • Are you taking any trips this summer?
Today's workout -
35min elliptical
2x15 hip raise
1x35sec plank
2x14 leg curl
2x16 leg extension
100 crunches


Teamarcia said...

Enjoy your trip!
I find myself packing nuts/fruit.
We'll be in Maine for 4th of July and NC in August.

Barbara said...

The cottage several times in July and to visit you and Matt in August. It's terrible. I feel like our Summer is so scheduled already with no other adventure time. We do get to see U2 here at MSU Sunday and at the other end of the Spectrum , Garrison Keillor and Praire Home Companion at MSU in August. So , I really can't complain.