Friday, June 24, 2011

Five for Friday (We Made it To Raleigh!)

Whew! We made it! Because of weather on the East Coast, our flight was delayed by hours. We didn't land until 1:45am or so, then there was a plane at our gate that they had to move (how could they not be ready? We were the only plane flying in!!) so we didn't get out until about 2am. By then the rental car company was closed for the night which meant we had to take a mucho expensive airport taxi. Good thing we're from NYC and are used to those prices. We got to the hotel and turned out the lights at 3am. Woody was awesome and just found us a rental car much closer than the airport so we don't have to go all the way back. I'm a little exhausted but very glad we made it to Raleigh and I'm ready for some Barbecue!!

I've been swamped with work, packing, evening events and writing checks to pay medical bills (a stress fracture is not cheap) so for this week's Five for Friday, I kind of took the easy way out, but hopefully you'll be able to relate to some of these things, or find them funny.

1. One of the perks I love most about the company I work for is that we have summer Fridays! Each person gets to choose between taking 7 full days off or leave at 2pm every Friday between Memorial Day and Labor Day. I, of course, chose the 7 full days because really, who actually leaves at 2pm when everyone else is working? So today, I am using my first of 7 days and am very excited (if you haven't noticed)!

2. When I was little, I would get so excited about trips, whether it was the month camping trip we took out West or a weekend trip Up North, that I could spend hours writing my list of things to pack. I would debate how many t-shirts, jeans, shorts, swim suits, and then pack them carefully. I loved writing these lists as it was my way of starting the trip early.

3. After I moved out here I was traveling back and forth to Michigan quite often to see family, Woody, and friends. When I was younger I absolutely hated taking off. I would squeeze the arm rest or my Mom's hand. I just did not like it. But once I started flying so often I got so comfortable on planes that I would often be asleep before we took off (I always fall asleep in the car when the drive is over an hour long, and I'm not driving, of course). I think some of my row-mates have thought I'm weird. Oh well, makes the flight pass by quickly!

4. Woody and I have two traditions we try to uphold whenever we go on a trip. Farmer's markets and ice cream. We love checking out local places and this is a good way to get a taste for the local scene (pun intended).
5. I'm guessing one of Woody's biggest pet peeves when it comes to my habits is that I never unpack my suitcase the same day we return home from a trip. I usually dump my dirty laundry, but then the suitcase will sit in the living room for at least two days before I finish unpacking. I'm sure there's some underlying reason behind this other than the fact that I can just be plain lazy sometimes, but I am trying hard to change this. I think I leave it because I wish we were still on vacation. Too bad that no matter how long I leave it packed we're still back in reality.

Bonus item: I came home Wednesday night to see these awesome notices posted on the street signs around the neighborhood!! I love "White Collar" and hope to sneak a peak of some cast members on my to/from work. If you haven't seen this show on USA Network, you should check it out. So many great things about it!

  • How do you feel about flying?
  • Do you have any travel traditions or quirks?
  • What are you excited about this weekend?
Today's workout -
None. Sleep was priority 1.


B.o.B. said...

Super cool about white collar! And I totally fall asleep on long car rides too. When I was little my parents LOVED this. LOL!

Barbara said...

Love flying , any time anywhere . Because your Grandpa flew single and twin engines . Vacations often meant flying with just the 4 of us when I was young. My brother and I learned how to read maps early on .
I know they're just busses in the sky , but I still love to fly. Problem is , I know too much , so can always tell early when there are problems and want the airline to fess up sooner than they do.